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FYI: It's Because He's Black

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Memo to everyone I've heard on the news for the past 24 hours: REALLY?

We're going to have a debate about what Jimmy Carter said? You have got to be shitting me. Jimmy Carter said, and I quote at this actual time, "I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man, that he’s African-American."

That's not something you debate, unless you live in a country where you also debate evolution. Next up on Hardball, the moisture content of water! Our Democratic strategist debates our Republican strategist. Also, coming up, the sky: azure or cerulean?

If anyone actually thought the election of Barack Obama wouldn't bring all the closet racists out into the open, they were delusional. If anyone thought that the election of Barack Obama wouldn't crystallize the vague xenophobia rampant throughout white America into right-wing rage, they haven't been paying attention. Of course it's because he's black. There's nothing to debate.

Oh, there are all kinds of things to fake debate. I've been watching the traditional straw-man tactics unfold with my usual disdain. Jimmy Carter didn't call all opposition racist. He simply pointed out that the crazy shit? The birther shit, the communist shit, the Hitler shit, the Glenn Beck shit? That's because he's black.

I mean, the guy's been in office for less than a year, and how many Republican officials have gotten in trouble for blatantly racist bullshit, usually in e-mail form? Michelle Obama the gorilla. Watermelon patches at the White House. Forty three white presidents and one pair of bug-eyes on a black background? Fucking racist, plain and simple. And it was like that before he even got elected. We all remember.

One of the dominant wingnut themes during the campaign was that the election of Barack Obama would mean the subjugation of white folk. Remember, he attended a "black supremacist" church. He was going to grant black people reparations. And now, he's a racist, and according to Rush Limbaugh, his very presidency has made it "open season on white people". And whether he believes it or is just inciting it, it's out there. In, if you'll pardon the expression, spades.

And the worst part about the whole thing? Guess who has to deny the racism of Republicans the most strongly, without any winks, nods, nudges, dog whistles, coded language, or Southern strategies? Barack Obama, that's who. Why? Because he's the first black president. And if he even hinted at acknowledging the truth, he'd be pummeled for "playing the race card". By a bunch of fucking racists. Yay America!