Archive - Jan 30, 2012

Random Retro Week: Day One

YAD is taking a week off to recharge the batteries, but to keep my brainmeats from atrophying in the meantime, I've selected ten dates at random with the awesome random date generator at, and I'll post two Classic YAD links each day with a bit of commentary.

Port Whine Cheese Blog (7/9/04)

IRONY! I did not fudge this. The first random date generated pointed me to the young, innocent blogger me from eight years ago, complaining about other baby bloggers from 2004, complaining about feeling the need to provide content when they don't want to.

Which is, I freely admit, sort of kind of what I'm doing now. But I still hold to what I said back then. I'm putting these things up this week because they're almost no work whatsoever, they keep me writing, and they might be more interesting to you all than seeing Friday's column for an entire week.

FUN FACT: I don't think, at the time, I knew who Glenn Reynolds was. Those were the days.

Racebating (7/3/07)

The random number generator skips ahead three full years to a column about a Supreme Court decision that, well, doesn't seem to have actually done much of anything. I mean, yeah, it's still a shitty decision. And it did happen to hit at a time when racial tensions in the education system were running high, making it seem like an even worse idea. But it doesn't seem to have had much of an effect, five years later. Or it has, and I'm not in a position to notice.

Still, there's some fun self-deprecation there, a classic example of YAD-style sarcastically approving of a bad thing, and one of the early indications that the Roberts Court would be a steaming pile of shit.

FUN FACT: The term "moonbat", used for years by conservative bloggers to describe liberals, appears to have fallen out of favor in recent times. I don't run across it nearly as much as I used to. I think it's been replaced by "libtard", which is a shame, because at least "moonbat" had a bit of poetic eloquence to it.