Archive - Oct 21, 2013

Big Boy Pants!

Memo to the Creation Museum: STILL NOT REAL.

Creationists! They're still around, still bein' wrong with all the courage of their convictions, still shilling their young-earth snake oil to the gullible, ignorant, and deeply stupid.

And now they have a dinosaur.

The list of crimes against cognition in this small event are many. First, there's the Elizabeth Streb Peroutka Foundation of Maryland, which bought an allosaurus skeleton, only to donate it to the Creation Museum. Why would you do that? Well, the foundation was started by a Catholic man active in the pro-life movement, so that answers that question. Not the "how did they buy a fucking dinosaur" question, of course, but some mysteries can't be Googled.

And of course, this the latest crime on the rap sheet of Ken Ham, who desperately wants to be seen as a real person running a real museum, and clearly sees having a real big dinosaur as part of that dream. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

“For decades I’ve walked through many leading secular museums, like the Smithsonian in Washington, and have seen their impressive dinosaur skeletons, but they were used for evolution. Now we have one of that class for our museum.”

I guess the Ham in Green Eggs and Ham is green with envy. Which, of course, is a deadly sin.

Why would a Creation Museum even want an allosaur? Well, apparently, it's a very intact skeleton, and so the creationists see it as proof that the allosaur died in the Great Flood. I would ask these fuckwits why, if Noah was commanded to gather two of every creature, and allosaurs died in the Flood, why was God's chosen critter collector so shitty at his job? But that would mean talking to them and nobody wants to fucking talk to those people.

The bad news is, there's one less skeleton for paleontologists to study. But it's not like the Creation Museum gains more credibility from this. It's not like someone is gonna walk in there skeptical, see a big-ass dinosaur skeleton, and decide there's something to this 6,000 year earth shit after all. The only delusion this allosaur is supporting is the Ham's.

Well, congratulations, Ken. You finally got the museum version of your big boy pants. And it only took you until 2013 to do it.