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October 27th

Yelton From The Rooftops

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Memo to Don Yelton: OH YEAH, THAT'S THE STUFF.

Usually, when your Daily Shows or your Colbert Reports beat me to something, at least something that I wasn't also aware of through other sources, I let them have it. What am I gonna do, top a bunch of professional comedy writers at their own game? Rarely. But they didn't just bring Don Yelton to the world last week, they actually made news. News they haven't had time to comment on yet. Which gives me an in.

Don Yelton is, or was, the chairman of the Republican Party in Buncombe County, NC. North Carolina has been a bit of an epicenter of right-wing crazy of late, passing all kinds of shit, including undoing a LOT of rules that made it easier for people in North Carolina to vote. Mainly because they're dicks, and the Supreme Court's striking down of a chunk of the Voting Rights Act let them do it without any federal oversight.

So the Daily Show, specifically Aasif Mandvi, went down to North Carolina, and talked to Don Yelton about the law, and Yelton, fully aware of what the Daily Show was and that he was being recorded, opened up the floodgates with some classic right-wing racism, including a lack of concern about the law's effect on "a bunch of lazy blacks that want the government to give them everything", repeatedly using "the blacks" as his primary noun, and lamenting that black people can call each other "nigger" but he can't call them that.

The piece aired last week, and within days, Yelton had been forced to resign. And here's where it gets awesome. Because the people that forced him out said that Yelton's statements weren't representative of the local or state GOP, which is a lie, and Yelton was unrepentant, and went off on a tirade that would be honorable if it weren't in the defense of completely reprehensible views. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

"I resign my position as precinct chair. Gladly. I'll give it up. To heck with it, I don't want to be part of a group that is that mealy-mouthed and that gutless. They're a bunch of chickens. I'm embarrassed for the fact that they don't stand up and fight for what's right." - Yelton, on local radio.

And he has a point. His views are epically mainstream amongst the right-wing community. Just look at the bottom half of any Internet article about voting rights or the n-word or, for that matter, Don Yelton. I don't know if I'd say they're "chickens" for pretending they don't think these things. I mean, a majority of voters don't like to think the Republicans they vote for think these things, so saying them is bad strategy.

Of course, Yelton's bravery extends to saying that blacks using the n-word is "the utmost racism in the world", and thinks it's OK for Republicans to win by having fewer people vote, since it was OK for Democrats to win by having more people vote. It's like how police encourage more people to drive on the right side of the street, so trying to get people to drive headlong into traffic is just as valid.

What's important is, Don Yelton will not be cowed, and Don Yelton will not be silenced, and Don Yelton is a complete fucking idiot and racist who's convinced he's both in the right and not racist at all. And I can't think of a better spokesman for North Carolina Republicans than that.