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Yes, I Got All Ten

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Memo to Whinypants Candidates, cop enablers, and Joe Biden: YOU ARE DUMB.

Another Republican debate is on the books, and by all accounts, it was a clusterfuck of epic proportions. But I doubt I can cover all the stupidity from one debate before the next one starts, and I'm sure all of it will repeat itself anyway. So let's give it one third of SPASTIC TOPIC MONKEY FRIDAY and move on to other things. Mostly also involving the 2016 election, but short of moving to Canada, where a 78-day campaign leads to a spending-boosting, pot-loving liberal head of state, what am I gonna do?

The right has spent the last 36 hours whining that CNBC's debate last night was part of a plot by the liberal media to embarass them and promote Hillary Clinton. Apart from the sheer ludicrousness of this, I'm not sure what they're actually complaining about. They got asked questions about facts, they ignored and lied about those facts, they got away with it. That's been the standard debate format for at least the past half-dozen elections.

Carson got challenged on his association with a snake-oil Alzheimers cure. He denied it, which is a lie, and got away with it. Carly Fiorina lied about women's job losses under Obama, got away with it. Marco Rubio lied about Hillary lying about Benghazi, got away with it. Jindal completely ignored his state's budget deficit, got away with it. Jeb Bush creepily promised to give a "warm kiss" to any Democrat who cuts spending by a minimum of ten dollars. Thankfully, he won't go through with it. Ted Cruz said every Republican on that stage have ideas, experience, and common sense, and got away with it. Donald Trump lied about the media lying about something he wrote and got away with it. Mike Huckabee said Trump was a good man. Rand Paul said he'd filibuster the budget deal and didn't/couldn't. John Kasich said we can't elect someone who doesn't know how to do the job, ignoring the historical precedent of 2000 and and 2004. Chris Christie said Bernie Sanders was going to raise taxes to 90%. They all got away with it. What are they whining about?

As I'm sure you know by now, there's been another incident at the intersection of racist cops, excessive force, and excessive school policing. This time it was in South Carolina, where a white deputy assigned to a high school dragged a black female student across the room by her neck because, ultimately, she refused to give her cell phone to the teacher.

Ignoring (out of my sanity's self-preservation instinct) the usual victim-blaming by the usual suspects, it's interesting to note that the usual suspects are defending the fuckup deputy even after his superiors said he was completely wrong and fired him. Which means that, when it comes to supporting cops, the usual suspects don't actually support them unconditionally - they support the racist, violent ones over the ones who punish the racist, violent ones because they like racism and violence better.

And finally, before Joe Biden decided not to run for president, he said something that made me right to hope that Joe Biden wouldn't run for president. In a trial balloon sort of shot at Hillary Clinton, he said that "The other team is not the enemy. If you treat it as the enemy, there is no way you can ever resolve the problems we have." This was, of course, a response to to Hillary saying the Republicans were her enemies during the first Democratic debate.

You know how else you're not going to resolve the problems we have? By ignoring reality. And one of the problems we have is that the Republicans are in fact acting like enemies, not "the other side", filled with decent, hard-working people who just have different ideas about what's best for America. Obama took this line for six years and it got him less than nowhere. Biden watched all that happen at close range and can still spout this bullshit with a straight face. We're better off without him.