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July 15th

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Abortions

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Memo to Everyone In The Media: SIGH.

It's a testament to the bugfuck insanity of the American political landscape that for every step we take away from being a right-wing theocracy when it comes to LGBT equality, we take another step towards being a right-wing theocracy when it comes to abortion.

The reason for that, of course, is that the Democratic Party has spent four decades refusing to say that abortion is good. And it is. It's very good. It's not great, but it is very good.

A recent study showed that 95% of women who've had abortions believe they made the right choice in doing so. There's a reason for that. Given the opportunity, people will always prefer to exercise more control over their reproductive destiny. And while abortion isn't the most efficient way of exerting that control, it's certainly an effective last resort for doing so. Which makes it a hell of a lot better than no control, which is what the forced-birth movement would prefer.

But as I've said time and time again, nobody says this. The leftmost mainstream stance on abortion for a very long time has been to treat it like a necessary evil. We'll keep it evil, but we can't say we like it. We'll call it tragic, we'll call it regrettable, even though the people having them don't regret it or think it's a tragedy. I'm not suggesting we make abortion's slogan "crunch all you want, we'll make more", but that's a lot closer to the truth of it than the official line has been.

And four decades of defending abortion by demonizing it has consequences. Roe V. Wade is dying by inches. A right you can't exercise because you're too poor, too remote, or simply unable to jump through the ridiculous hoops pro-life lawmakers have erected over the years isn't really a right at all. Oh, and the other consequence is that bullshit like the Planned Parenthood "selling baby parts" exposé gets traction.

Here's what happened. A bunch of pro-life fuckwits disingenuously calling themselves the "Center for Medical Progress" posed as people from a biotech firm and got a California Planned Parenthood exec to discuss abortions where the woman has agreed to donate the fetal tissue to research. Over lunch. And they secretly filmed it. Then they selectively edited the video and claimed it "proved" that Planned Parenthood was harvesting baby organs to sell on the open market for huge profits.

Planned Parenthood is, of course, not doing this. They're offering people the choice to donate the tissue. Some are taking that option. And the people who want the tissue are picking up the tab for storage and transport, so that Planned Parenthood doesn't have to, because Planned Parenthood doesn't have a lot of money to spare on such things because of bullshit like this.

And even though the full video that explains all of this is available, and even though the transcript of the video makes it clear that the Planned Parenthood exec said specifically exactly the opposite of what the group's claiming, Republicans are opening federal and state investigations into the practice in the hopes of harassing Planned Parenthood out of business.

If this sounds familiar, it should. It's the O'Keefe playbook. O'Keefe's first edited video went after ACORN, because in the aftermath of Obama's election, anything he was vaguely associated with was fair game. ACORN isn't around any more because of this, even though the video was complete bullshit. Hell, language still made its way into bills for years after ACORN shut down keeping ACORN from getting any funding. That's how crazy this shit gets.

And, of course, the media's falling for it. Even the supposed "liberal" media, rather than ignoring the story entirely or debunking it like they should, are victim-blaming and trying to pin the horrible "optics" of discussing abortion over salad on Planned Parenthood. The exec wasn't sufficiently contrite about the evil her organization does, you see. She matter-of-factly described medical procedures whe's familiar with, because she thought she was having a conversation with OTHER PEOPLE VERSED IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE. I mean, listen to this fucking Op-Ed headline from the Chicago Tribune:

"Planned Parenthood too clinical in its rebuttal of controversial video."

The video is not controversial. If what it claimed were true, sure, it'd be hella controversial. But since it doesn't, it's just clumsy propaganda. You don't have to be considerate of the feefees of pro-life liars when you rebut a pile of bullshit. And if anyone can be clinical, it's people whose entire job is to RUN CLINICS. If you want to know why this whole thing is such a clusterfuck, all you need is this, the fourth, and third real, paragraph from the op-ed:

"I'll get to the facts and the details left out of the edited video the activists initially released, but first, let's look at the primary source of the outrage."

NO NO NO NO NO. I'd rub Rex Huppke's nose in the paper, but we all know print is dead. The details left out of the edited video COMPLETELY DISCREDIT THE FUCKING VIDEO. Going to the outrage first gives the outrage credibility it didn't earn. But that'll be the theme going forward, until they've gotten all the political juice they can out of it and from that point on, it will be a Known Fact in the pro-life community that Planned Parenthood sells baby organs. Get your birth control while you can. It's only gonna get worse.