Happy Demographic Solstice!

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Memo to the Howard Center and C Four Strategies: YOU ARE DUMB.

As everyone knows, yesterday was the first day of winter, an event we celebrated here in Minneapolis by continuing to freeze our asses off and digging out from all the snow and ice we got during the "fall". But few people realize that the day after the Winter Solstice is the Demographic Winter Solstice, a day to reflect on the desperate need of some people to ensure that all their Christmases be white.

As longtime YAD readers know, many years ago I declared the Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society as my official nemesis. They represent the absolute worst in religious bigotry and hate, and I've been on their mailing list forever as a result of "Beatrice Lambert" needing a copy of the Natural Family Manifesto to mock for two days straight. Ever since then, I've been kept abreast of the bleeding anus of ultraconservative thought.

And a few weeks ago, I got the single most alarmist e-mail subject I've ever received from the Howards, who are known for their alarmist subject lines:

"VIDEO: IS HUMAN RACE HEADED FOR EXTINCTION?" - And yes, they always do their subject lines in all-caps. It's part of their charm. Anyway, I wondered what threat to humanity this video would reveal. Muslim terrorist WMD's? Super-AIDS? The phrase "Happy Holidays"? Nope. Turns out it's brown babies.

As we've mentioned before, "Demographic Winter" is the phrase crazy racist wingnuts have coined to describe the fact that brown people are making more babies than white people, despite the best attempts by the Duggars to single-uterusly keep up. This is a problem for racists, because the only thing they love more than hating brown people... is white people. And their whole schtick will start to get really dangerous once they're outnumbered.

The e-mail was pimping a DVD, entitled "Demographic Winter", put out by some shadowy conservative news organization that appears to call itself C Four Strategies. Whether it's named after four C-words, or the plastic explosive, is unknown. They promote their video in the usual apocalyptic style. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

"What would you do if you knew your family line would cease to exist… not at some distant point in time, but in the foreseeable future? What would you do if a human genocide was taking place RIGHT NOW, right under your nose, in countries around the world and RIGHT HERE in the United States?"

Note the way both the Howard subject line and this blurb talk about "human" extinction when they mean "white". And are their animal genocides? And don't family lines cease to exist all the time, thanks to vasectomies, car accidents, or the accidental discovery of an extensive hentai collection*? Would the trailer, embedded in their website using the same technology that lets me see a hamster eating popcorn on a piano, answer these questions for me? It would not.

I did learn that Rome fell because they didn't have enough Roman babies, that it's "entirely possible" that there will be "no more native-born French that come from the traditional French population", and that it's very weird hearing arch-conservatives concern themselves with the extermination of the French.

I also learned that it's a bad design choice to dramatically show the extinction of the great Caucasian horde by using CGI to turn all the continents whiter than a Klan hood after a bleach load, but then I'm not a crazy Jesus-freak with a rudimentary knowledge of Adobe AfterEffects, so who am I to judge? Let them take an empty child swing and make it go black and white and slow-motion. Let them effortlessly say "certain kinds of humans are going extinct", rail against political correctness, and blame liberals for the whole thing.

But I judge, therefore I am, and one simple fact remains. As long as the human population on Earth keeps going up, all these fuckers' generalized talk about the collapse of civilization due to lowered fertility rates is complete bullshit. It's a smokescreen for what they're really worried about, the decline of "traditional" Western population. And we know what "traditional" means. It means upstanding married white Christians like themselves, plus enough Chinese to make their video cameras so they can keep churning out racist documentaries.

I don't know why they're so worried. There's no chance in hell they and their ilk will actually become extinct. Fucktard population growth seems to be unstoppable.

*Officially defined, by the way, by any more than no hentai at all.