Random Retro Week: Day 5

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YAD is taking a week off to recharge the batteries, but to keep my brainmeats from atrophying in the meantime, I've selected ten dates at random with the awesome random date generator at random.org, and I'll post two Classic YAD links each day with a bit of commentary.

You know how nostalgia always seems to be closer and closer to the present? Yeah. 2011, baby! And the random generator wasn't having any of that EARLY 2011 shit, either.

Overunderwhelmed (11/11/11)

Whoa. Eleven eleven eleven. I guess that random date generators, like the American people, just want a word three times. This was a fairly typical Spastic Topic Monkey Friday, but it did feature what was, essentially, my pre-post-mortem on the Michele Bachmann presidential campaign. And yet, somehow, Batshit still managed to have only the second-most embarrassing presidential run by a Minnesotan that year. I hope TIMMEH enjoyed the "Pray Away The Bouquet" flowers she sent him as thanks.

Also on tap all the way back in November, that Kentucky douchebag who tried to make an issue of his political opponents' participation in a Hindu ceremony. Let me put it this way. You know that Connecticut douchebag who said he'd help Latinos by eating tacos? Yeah. This guy was that guy three months ago.

Oh, right, the Chicago douchebags who thought it would be hilarious to hand out McDonalds job applications to Occupy protesters. Nothing new to say about them for at least another ten months, after which I'll hope to be able to point to a stunning example of how being rich and completely devoid of empathy might limit your ability to land that big promotion you've wanted for at least eight years.

FUN FACT: I could have written all ten of these on Monday, you know. Should have, even. Instead I did two a day for the entire week, because that is apparently how I roll.

Bananas En La Cabeza (5/17/10)

An Idiots Say The Damndest Things day featuring quotes from Jon Huntsman, Rick Santorum, and Newt Fucking Gingrich. I'm pretty sure that's exactly the kind of thing that led to me needing a light week to recharge my batteries, so I'm gonna leave it off there and go watch a new episode of Archer. Because fucking ARCHER, that's why.

FUN FACT: Normal service resumes Monday. I even have the title picked out.