(Career) Suicide Of A Supremacist

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Memo to Pat Buchanan: YOU MAKE A LOUSY MARTYR.

The unthinkable has happened. The impossible has been made possible. In an astonishing move toward Utopia, a grand total of one out of three cable news networks has decided it's not in their best interests to pay a salary to or provide a regular platform for a raving white supremacist. Yes, Pat Buchanan is no longer welcome at MSNBC.

Now, I'm not going to recount Pat Buchanan's many crimes against civilized discourse here. There are three full pages of search results on this very site for "Buchanan", many of which either refer to or recount those very crimes. But it's well-documented that Pat Buchanan thinks white people are better than any other kind of people, and that his recent book, Suicide of a Superpower, thinks that the diminishing power of white culture in America is going to destroy the country.

Despite this, MSNBC gave Buchanan a coveted regular gig for years, punditing his little Klanesque head off, all hours of the day, on whatever subject crossed his path. Many people, myself included, pointed out that maybe this wasn't a great idea, but it took years and years for MSNBC to get around to correcting their error.

This, of course, has led to an all-too-predictable, but nonetheless funny for it, reaction from Buchanan. Hope your bellies are empty, because there's a heaping helping of right-wing martyrdom plated up and ready to go. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

"They are saying that a respected publisher, St. Martin’s, colluded with me to produce a racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic book, and CNN, Fox News, C-SPAN, Fox Business News, and the 150 radio shows on which I appeared failed to detect its evil and helped to promote a moral atrocity." - Pat, in a lengthy statement on The American Conservative.

Well, sort of, yeah. I mean, it's not really that unreasonable a thing to say, is it? Respected publishers like St. Martins produce racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic books ALL THE TIME. There's no law against it other than the law of the market, and the market is very friendly to those ideas. CNN pretends to be neutral, so they're not going to take a stand. C-SPAN gives Pat a pass because he's establishment. And I think we can all do the math on Fox, Fox Business, and the kinds of radio stations that have Pat Buchanan on them.

Seriously, Pat's only defense is that a bunch of other people heard him talk about his book full of "demographic winter" bullshit, homophobic moralizing, and weird theories about Jewish population decline, and they didn't call him on it, so it must not have happened.

"If my book is racist and anti-Semitic, how did Sean Hannity, Erin Burnett, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Megyn Kelly, Lou Dobbs, and Ralph Nader miss that? How did Charles Payne, African-American host on Fox radio, who has interviewed me three times, fail to detect its racism? How did Michael Medved miss its anti-Semitism?"

Yes, how did a right-wing TV host, a vapid CNN talking head, a Fox News analyst that Ron Paul likes, a Fox and Friend Friend, a Mexican-hating racist, a black conservative, and a Jewish arch-conservative slavery apologist fail to call Buchanan his shit? The only slightly odd name on that list is Nader, and Nader's nuts. If those are Buchanan's character witnesses, then he's really lucky he's not actually on trial.

Also, his cross is made of balsa wood, and the guy nailed to it is Buchanan's stunt double. Listen to what he said on Hannity's show:

"We've got to smear them, stigmatize them as racists or homophobic and then we've gotta silence and censor them and the way we do it is go after the media outlets that put them on the air...this is un-American what is going on right now."

OK. Let's keep these things in mind. One, Pat Buchanan is being "smeared" as a racist, and two, he's being "censored" by going after the media outlets that put them on the air. A charge he's making on Sean Hannity's television show, which airs on Fox News, the highest-rated cable news channel in America. Chinese dissidents strive to be "censored" like that.

And being "smeared" as a racist means that the charge is somehow not true, which is tough to support when you go on to tell Sean Hannity, in the very same interview, that:

"If you remove the ethnic core of the country...I think you imperil the unity of the country and the culture... My point is, an ethnic core -- in other words the fact that we were a Western and European people predominantly and we had 10 percent African Americans -- this was one of the strengths of this country as well as the culture."

See? He's not saying that white people are better than black people. He's just saying that white people are better than black people at maintaining the unity of both America and American culture, and that America was strongest when we only had ten percent black people here. That's not even dog-whistle, coded racism. It's not even subtle racism. Pat Buchanan thinks that if America is going to be stronger, it needs more white people and fewer black people.

The crime isn't that MSNBC silenced Pat Buchanan, because first, they clearly didn't silence him, they just fired him, and second, if Pat Buchanan's alleged "right" to corporate-amplified, nationally-broadcast free speech were actually curtailed, that wouldn't be a bad thing. The crime is that it took them ten years to get around to it, despite ample evidence being available during those entire ten years of just what Pat Buchanan is. So, good that it happened and all, but as thresholds for acceptable behavior in punditry go, it's not exactly a rigid standard.