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Memo to Dana Perino, Orly Taitz, and Scott Tranter: YOU ARE DUMB.

But first, an update on the Herman Cain Memorial Hosting Drive. Like its namesake, the drive burned bright and fast. In roughly a day and a half, two years of hosting for my sites got covered by a bunch of readers. So much so that there will be six bonus Saturday Idiots Say the Damndest Things columns in 2013. And they'll be during five-column weeks, too. They're not bonus if they just replace a planned or unplanned skip day.

Anyway, thanks for the donations and the kind words. I probably wouldn't have kept doing this for nine years if nobody had actually been paying attention. Even I don't like the sound of my own voice that much.

And now, to business. Fun fact about Google Reader. Starred items sort by when you starred them, not by the actual date of the article. So if, say, you were doing some new year's housecleaning of the old research pile, and happened to accidentally un-star and re-star, say, three old stories, you might want to get those stories out of the research pile on a very special SPASTIC TOPIC WHY DOES GOOGLE READER WORK LIKE THAT FRIDAY!

First up, we have Dana Perino, former Dubya press secretary, who, like other former Dubya press secretary Ari Fleischer, turns out to be a horrible human being.

See, about a month ago, in one of those ugly cases that gets more press because the guy involved could hold a ball, a football player killed his girlfriend and then himself. The case was being discussed on "The Five" on Fox. It's not really an appropriate subject for "The Five", but you can't fill an hour show with talk of bellybutton lint and date rape, so inappropriate subjects are de rigeur.

Anyway, the co-hosts were suggesting that women should go around armed so that they can shoot their boyfriends when their boyfriends try to shoot them, and Perino, as an alternate plan, suggested that women who get killed by their boyfriends should "make better decisions".

Not only is that victim-blaming, but Dana Perino made her bones pretending that incredibly poor decisions that got people killed were the best things ever, so she can go fuck herself.

Orly Taitz, whose clearly delusional antics somehow failed to completely delegitimize the birther movement, called for an 80,000 person march on Washington to protest Obama's re-election.

I'm mentioning this here, of course, because Taitz was off by one number, and thus far, only 0,000 have marched on Washington on her behalf. By the way, that 80,000 number? She got that number from the number of views one of her speeches got on YouTube. So even if she had any influence over anyone at all, she'd have had an 80,000 person march where 79,000 people were marching ironically.

Every election year, Republicans insist that Voter ID laws are necessary to combat rampant voter fraud they're sure is out there somewhere, and Democrats insist that Voter ID laws are designed to intimidate and prevent Democratic voter blocs from turning out in force. The media dutifully reports both sides because evaluating facts and drawing conclusions would be wrong. But a funny thing happens after the election, especially when the tactic largely fails. Consultants get caught telling the truth. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

"A lot of us are campaign officials -- or campaign professionals -- and we want to do everything we can to help our side. Sometimes we think that's voter ID, sometimes we think that's longer lines -- whatever it may be." - Republican Scott Tranter.

By the way, one of the first things the House Republicans did yesterday? Block a Democrat bill that would allow early voting and mandate lines of less than an hour at polling places. You know why? Because fewer people voting helps their side. No more, no less.