Assimilation, Capitulation, and Eradication

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Memo to racists, Barack Obama, and the Lake County School District: YOU ARE DUMB.

First, a quick reminder - tomorrow is a bonus column day. Every third Saturday this year, there's a bonus edition of Idiots Say The Damndest Things. It'll be fun.

Meanwhile, the great Readergeddon Project continues apace. The research pile is still in the triple digits, but now just barely. Let's knock a few more off the bottom, shall we? SPASTIC TOPIC READERGEDDON FRIDAY!

Science! Pointlessly proving things wrong that wingnuts believe, since wingnuts will never change their minds on account of science being a liberal conspiracy.

Anyway, one of the canards you hear from immigration opponents is that the immigrants these days, a.k.a. "the brown ones", is that they all live in their own communities and speak their own language and don't assimilate the way previous immigrants, a.k.a. "the white ones", did. Turns out that's bullshit. Turns out Hispanic immigrants learn English the way everyone else does - not much on the first generation, a lot more on the second, and just fine on the third. It's almost as if conservatives are demeaning the accomplishments of a particular group because of where they came from. Imagine that.

While we're all rightfully annoyed with Obama over chained-CPI, let's backtrack a couple of months, to early February, and be annoyed with Obama over caving further on the whole birth control coverage thing. After making more accommodations than were strictly necessary when he made the original rule requiring insurance coverage for contraception.

But in February, in the face of the same non-stop criticism from the same people who criticize him whenever he does anything, Obama extended the exceptions to the rule and added another layer to the insulation between religious money and the actual purchasing of birth control pills. A concession which has satisfied a grand total of, well, none of his critics. SHOCKER.

But keep trying. I'm sure you'll win them over eventually.

If you want to test the extent of bigotry, all you need to do is see how far the bigots will go to enforce their worldview. And so it was a couple of months ago in Lake County, FL, where students were trying to start a Gay-Straight Alliance like the thousands of others in schools across the country.

The district denied the request, and then, when it was politely pointed out to them that doing so was just the tiniest bit illegal, since they were treating this club differently from all the other clubs, the district decided to treat all clubs equally, and offered to ban any club that wasn't directly related to school curriculum. In other words, make gay people welcome, or make nobody welcome. Classic.

Luckily, last month, in a narrow (3-2) vote, the board decided to keep regular school clubs, which means that in a week and a half or so, they get to vote on whether to allow the gay-straight alliance, or whether to defy the ACLU, get their asses sued, and lose. Are they rational actors? This is a Florida school board, so your guess is as good as mine.