Stupid Makes The World Go 'Round

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Memo to Wisconsin, Indiana, conservative bloggers, and Richard Perle: YOU ARE DUMB.

Today, in yet another attempt to clear the old research pile, it's time to travel! From the wastelands of Wisconsin, to the inbreeding of Indiana. From the deserts of Iraq to the moral deserts around Malaysia. It's time for a globe-trekking edition of SPASTIC READERGEDDON MONKEY FRIDAY!

Progress is great. We're getting to the point where mandatory transvaginal ulttrasounds are like Subway. No matter where you go, you're not far away from one. Unlike Subway, you don't get to choose the length, though.

Wisconsin Republicans announced their intent to make mandatory ultrasound a "priority". Indiana proposed legislation requiring TWO mandatory ultrasounds, one before, and one after, for women getting their abortions via RU-486. They later reduced that to one.

And while they're all very quick to say the bills don't specify invasive transvaginal ultrasounds, that's what you've got to have before twelve weeks if you want the woman to LOOK INTO HER BABY'S EYES BEFORE SHE MURDERS IT, which of course is the motivation of the pro-life movement. Or, to use a shorter, more accurate term, slut-punishing.

On to Malaysia! Well, not Malaysia per se. Just like the conservative blogosphere didn't need to actually serve overseas in order to promote and cheer on our Middle Eastern wars from the comfort of their basements, they didn't need to go to Malaysia to shill for the government there.

See, back in March, BuzzFeed detailed a campaign by the Malaysian government wherein they gave conservative pundit Joshua Trevino nearly $400,000, and he subcontracted the work of opposing a pro-democracy candidate there. So a bunch of writers from places like RedState and the National Review put out pro-Malaysian pieces paid for by the Malaysian government - and the readers were none the wiser. Of course, these were people reading RedState and National Review, so "none the wiser" was the inevitable result regardless. But it's still shitty.

And finally, with the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Corn-Dog Stand in recent memory, let's look back fondly at the last time we looked back fondly at the Bush years, the recently passed tenth anniversary of the Iraq War. Specifically, one Richard "We Should Totally Go To War In Iraq" Perle, asked by NPR if the war was worth it. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

" I’ve got to say I think that is not a reasonable question. What we did at the time was done in the belief that it was necessary to protect this nation. You can’t, a decade later, go back and say, 'Well we shouldn’t have done that.'"

YES YOU FUCKING WELL CAN. That's one way people learn. I mean, when a kid tries to jump off the roof, what he did at the time was done in the belief that it was necessary in order to fly. You can't, after all his bones heal, go back and say, "Well, he shouldn't have done that."

For fuck's sake, you'd think Perle would be so grateful he's not in prison, destitute, or unemployable as a result of the epic international clusterfuck he helped bring about that he'd be happy to take the minor public relations hit, but I guess evil is just evil.