Well, The Party WAS Over...

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Memo to the IRS: I EMPATHIZE, BUT...

So it's scandal time! A fairly popular Democratic president enters his second term, and a Republican Congress finds a minor infraction to blow up into an attempt to bring down the president. First it was blowjobs, then it was Benghazi. Everything was proceeding as planned, until some other stuff came to light.

There was the Justice Department overreach on AP phone records, which is an extension of the executive power overreach that began in the Bush years and continued unabated during the Obama administration and is still really fucking bad. They're claiming national security, but for some reason the "if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear" crowd isn't accepting that anymore.

And then, there's the IRS, who got caught targeting the non-profit applications of Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny during those years where the Tea Party mattered and every redneck with a tri-corner hat and two friends was filing as a 501-4(c).

IRS staff were extra-suspicious of groups with the name "Tea Party", "Patriot", "9/12", or that used phrases like "take America back" or "teach about the Constitution". And I get that. I'm extra-suspicious of those groups too. Also "family", "life", "freedom", "enterprise", and "Fox". You should be suspicious of them. All those things are codewords for clusterfucks of assholery.

But just like you can't use skin color, ethnicity, or religion to make your suspicion, justified or otherwise, public policy? You can't make your political suspicions public policy, either.

For one thing, it's wrong. Now, I'm a human being with likes and dislikes and feelings, so given the actual harm (minimal) to the actual victims (a bunch of fuckwits), I'm not overflowing with sympathy here. But it's still wrong. And more importantly, they got caught.

And the consequences of getting caught are far, far worse than the consequences of even hundreds of fake teabagger groups getting tax-exempt status. Because they're teabaggers. They can't do shit. Leave them alone, let them deduct a thousand unsold bumper stickers on their tax forms, assuming they can figure out how, and we'll all be fine.

But the government agency that steals money (remember, taxation = theft!) from American citizens is going after honest American citizens who want nothing more than to stop paying taxes forever so that everything will be perfect.

Or, to put it in more accurate terms, you've taken a bunch of fucking paranoids and shown them that you are in fact out to get them. You've given recovering martyrdom addicts a fresh supply of clean nails. And they've already picked up their hammers. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

"This is the defining moment to say ‘I told you so.’" - Dallas teabagger Katrina Pierson, delineating the problem with startling precision.

All those people we finally convinced America to stop listening to? They're going to start talking again and people are going to listen to them and they're going to be fucking obnoxious. More obnoxious, because for the first time, there's a nugget of hard, corny truth in their pile of diarrhetic leavings. Thanks, assholes.