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Memo to Marco Rubio, Mo Brooks, and Kyle Tasker: YOU ARE NOT SMART.

There is nothing funnysadder than the right-wing "gotcha". An entire group of people for whom logical inconsistency is the agar in their collective Petri dish, thinking they can catch their opponents in a logical inconsistency? It is to laugh. It is to laugh conceptually, and it is to laugh in execution, as you will see shortly thanks to IDIOTS SAY THE DAMNDEST THINGS!

"And if support for traditional marriage is bigotry, then Barack Obama was a bigot until just before the 2012 election." - Marco Rubio, in a speech where he pulled out the old "intolerance of intolerance is intolerant" cliche.

Yes. That is exactly correct. Support of traditional marriage is bigotry, and Barack Obama was a bigot until just before the 2012 election. Congratulations! Only one of the two of you isn't a bigot anymore!

You know what logic is? Good. Explain it to Marco Rubio. Because "someone you like believed a thing that I believe, so you can't like him and dislike me" is not logic. It's just desperation. Which, to be fair, is the recurring theme of Marco Rubio's attempts to advance his political career.

"In effect, what the Democrats are doing with their dividing America by race is they are waging a war on whites and I find that repugnant.” - Alabama congressman Mo Brooks, being adorable.

You see what he did there? The Republicans have been hit hard over the last few years by "War On..." narratives, mostly because they endorse policies that specifically target certain non-white, non-straight, non-rich, and/or non-male constituencies in a very negative way, you know, in much the same way waging war on them would. It's a metaphor.

Much like Rubio on intolerance, Mo Brooks is attempting to utilize the twin forces of elasticity and adhesiveness without really understanding how rubber and glue work. They don't think they're waging a war on the poor or women or people of color or whatever, so from their point of view, all those mean liberals did was say "WAR ON" and people got mad at Republicans. So Mo Brooks tried to say WAR ON and get people mad at Democrats. And then he followed it with "whites", and everyone laughed at him.

"Yea that was kind of my point. So what are the likes/dislikes of the black caucus that precludes white people from joining? I'm fond of rap music..." - New Hampshire state congressman Kyle Tasker, thinking he's clever.

If either the Republican Party or the human race die off in the next two decades, it'll be for the same reason - the ridiculous Republican farm system that takes frat-boy college Republicans and puts them in office without wising them up to the fact that everything they were told up until now was the bullshit they feed the masses to keep them in line.

Which is why you get Clay Taskers raging against the unfairness of a black caucus and then, in their attempt to jokingly join one, disqualify themselves by being just a little bit racist. Now, admittedly, he's only a state legislator, but evidence has shown that rank stupidity and blind ideology is no obstacle to political advancement. I'm sure Kyle has a bright future ahead of him. Although "bright" is probably the wrong word.