Harbingers Of Doom

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Memo to stupid people trying to kill us all: STOP BEING STUPID AND TRYING TO KILL US ALL.

Stupid people are trying to kill us all and we're letting them. SPASTIC TOPIC MONKEY FRIDAY!

Barbara Loe Fisher doesn't think it's "wise" or "responsible" to "blame" the anti-vaccination movement, of which she is a leading member, for the Disneyland measles outbreak. Which is odd, because it is in fact totally their fault.

See, fifteen years ago, everyone got vaccinated, and nobody got measles. Because everyone got vaccinated. Sure, the vaccines didn't work for everybody, but they worked for most people, and the people it didn't work for were around people it did work for, so nobody could fucking well get measles from anybody else. Then these dipshits came along, believing a scientist who lied about autism and an old formula for vaccine preservative that wasn't even used anymore, and a bunch of parents with too much time and Internet and not enough critical thinking skills stopped having their kids vaccinated, and now, MEASLES. Which is what everyone said would happen, by the way. So fuck off. You're trying to kill us all.

James Inhofe is now the chair of the Senate Environment Committee. You know, James Inhofe, who doesn't believe the environment exists. Who doesn't believe that greenhouse gases exist. He started his new position by doing what he was given the position to do - sack-tap science, reason, and anyone who is capable of recognizing them.

My favorite part of the reports of his opening salvo, because there's no fucking way I'm going to put myself through the C-SPAN footage of it, was the legion of climate scientists he named to support his view that global warming is a hoax. Oh, did I say climate scientists? I meant TV weathermen. Sorry. Anyone who's not trying to kill us all would know that the two are completely different things.

And while all this is going on, we've just come out of the warmest year on record. Oh, and the oceans are going to start boiling any day now. So, by all means, put the Republicans in control of the Senate so that they can put a madman in charge of the Environment committee for no other reason than they get boners from annoying liberals. It's not like any harm will come of it.