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Memo to Austin's Awfuls: YOU'RE IN THE WRONG CITY.

It has occasionally been mentioned in this space that were it possible to put a protective dome over Austin, that Texas could fairly safely be nuked for the benefit of the nation. This is, of course, facetious and impractical. Not everyone in Austin is worth saving.

You see, last Thursday, the Texas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations held a Muslim Capitol Day in Austin, and a bunch of local assholes decided that their God required them to ruin someone else's day.

Some of the assholes were members of Patriot Defense Foundation Inc., which managed to be actually worse than the name would suggest. A group of Muslim children were singing the national anthem*, and members of PDFI decided that they should shout down singing children with cries of "Islam is a lie!" and "Mohammed is dead!"

There were, from reports, only about 20 of them, but that, by my count, is at a minimum 20 too many. Austin may have a lot of barbecue, but it has its fair share of fucking pigs.

And, of course, Austin is the workplace of state legislators, some of whom represent, shall we say, the more Texan parts of Texas. Like Molly White, who decided to put an Israeli flag in her office and asked receptionists to ask Muslims to declare allegiance to America if they came by. She, of course, wasn't there, because she's a coward and what small part of her brain still functions might have suggested that "pledging allegiance" and an Israeli flag sent a mixed message.

This, of course, is the direct result of the smear campaign run by conservative media, including Fox News, mainly in the years since 9/11. It's horribly racist (one sign read "Go Home & Take Obama With You", of course) and psychotic and hateful and I wish Sean Hannity weren't sleeping well every night knowing he's getting American children yelled at by crrazy people. But he knows, and he's totally happy with it.

*Many news outlets felt compelled to point out that they were singing the American national anthem, which is part of the fucking problem right there.