Yet Another Great Week For Post-Racial America

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Memo to the Dolezar clan, wrong people, and future whiners: YOU ARE DUMB.

Yet another rough week for race relations in America, leading to another thematically consistent SPASTIC TOPIC MONKEY FRIDAY!

The Dolezal debate ended earlier this week, even though nobody stopped talking about it for days after. You see, it was revealed a day or two ago that Rachel Dolezal's parents are a couple of Montana-homesteading, deep-fundie, young earth creationists. So, there you go.

I mean, it's sort of interesting that the fucking-up of their child expressed itself in the way it did, at least for a few days until we were all reminded why generally speaking it's odd for people to want to pass as black, but the fucking up itself was inevitable. The whole thing is easily extrapolated from the words "Montana" and "creationists". She didn't stand a chance.

It was blatantly obvious, in less than 24 hours, that the Charleston, S.C. church massacre was perpetrated by a white supremacist bent on murdering black people on account of them being black. He told the victim he left alive that's why he was doing it, he wore a patch supporting Rhodesian apartheid on his fucking clothes, and, I cannot stress this enough, HE TOLD SOMEONE THAT'S WHY HE WAS DOING IT.

Which is why it was somewhat surprising to see at least two 2016 presidential candidates, Rick Santorum and Lindsay Graham, came out and said that the shooting was totes probs part of the war on Christianity that the gay people started by wanting cake. I've embellished a bit, but the sense of it is there. And the point is, they were not only wrong, they were super wrong super fast in a super obviously self-serving way because, well, they're awful people.

And finally, a note to people who will inevitably ignore this warning they will have never read and complain that they are being blamed for the actions of a lone nutjob just because he used a Second Amendment remedy to, in his own words, "take the country back".

Nobody's blaming you. You didn't cause violent white supremacism. Quite the opposite. You're merely appropriating the LANGUAGE of violent white supremacism, filing off the serial numbers, sanding down the rough edges, and passing it off as stirring patriotic rhetoric to appeal to the nascent white supremacism inherent in their base. It's much more insidious than the actual incitement of mass murder, if slightly less reprehensible. We're pointing it out not to stop people from committing race-related massacres, but rather to make you pay a political price for piggybacking off of xenophobia and nativism so that maybe you'll fucking stop. Just so you know.