I Stand With Really Obvious Facts

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Memo to those of you who do not stand with Ahmed: YOU ARE SUPER WRONG.

One of the hilariously awful things about the modern discourse is how naturally and quickly the usual band of idiots rush to get something wrong just because liberals got it right. It's most evident in the easy things. Things like the now famous case of Ahmed Mohamed, who was handcuffed, arrested and ultimately not charged in the most egregious case of clock possession in history.

It really doesn't get any easier than this one. It wasn't a bomb. Bombs, as Duncan Black so aptly pointed out, are not just timers. They're timers attached to explosives. A timer not attached to an explosive is a clock. And by all accounts, they didn't treat it like a bomb. They didn't call the bomb squad to blow it up. They call the bomb squad to blow up LUGGAGE FULL OF UNDERPANTS if they're not sure it's not a bomb.

So when known asshole Frank Gaffney asks if you can tell the difference between a picture of Ahmed's clock, and a picture of a fake bomb sold to train law enforcement, the answer is "Yes, of course I can, the fake bomb is attached to fake explosives and the clock isn't attached to anything, you fucking moron."

When Fox's Andrea Tantaros asks, "Does anyone think that it did not look like a dangerous weapon out of a Die Hard movie?", the answer is "Yes, lots of people did, because lots of people know what bombs look like even if their only experience with bombs is a goddamned Die Hard movie, which shouldn't be your reference point for what a bomb looks like anyway, because you should have stopped watching Die Hard movies in 1990, and technology's changed a lot since then.

Anyway, they didn't call the police on him for having a bomb. They called the police on him for having a "hoax bomb", which means two things. One, they figured out quickly that it wasn't a bomb, and two, none of these pigfuckers know what the word "hoax" means.

If someone leaps to an incorrect conclusion without any effort on your part, you have not perpetrated a hoax. You've just been a dumbass. For example, throughout my life, a statistically significant percentage of people I interact with have assumed that I smoke pot, just because of the way I look. I did not trick them into thinking that. I did not engage in an elaborate hoax to make them think that. That's an incorrect assumption they leapt to because of stereotypes. And that mistake is on them, not on me.

Also, the mayor who's supporting the school is a crazy person who thinks the Mooslims are infiltrating the court system to implement Sharia Law in Texas, so fuck her and fuck her town that elected her.

This is an easy one. A bigoted schoolteacher, trained for years in anti-Muslim terrorist fear, school shooting fear, and "see something say something" propaganda, overreacted. And, knowing the teacher had overreacted, they blamed the student, called the cops, and circled the wagons instead of admitting their mistake. They were, in the vernacular, wrong as fuck.

And if you defend them, you're aligning yourself with ignorant, bigoted, incorrect pigfuckers. And not for the first time, if Frank Gaffney and Andrea Tantaros are any indicators.