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Memo to the House of Representatives, the House of Representatives, and unconditional supporters of Israel: YOU ARE DUMB.

Ah, American government. It's almost as if, at the start of this week, the American public stood, as one, and asked the government, "No, really. How stupid are you? Give us all you got." And lo and behold, they did. Let me count the ways on SPASTIC TOPIC MONKEY FRIDAY!

I only watched a bit of the Benghazi hearing, dipping in and out as my tolerance permitted, but it amazed me that Hillary Clinton could testify for so many hours without answering the one question Republicans kept asking her: "If you haven't done anything wrong, why have we spent four years convincing ourselves that you have?" Her failure to respond to this simple inquiry was stunning.

Seriously, if your job somehow required you to watch this entire hearing, I hope you can get into a good care facility with some decent food, because the half hour or so of this clusterfuck I could stomach nearly lobotomized me. Everything I 've been saying over the years about the House being taken over by vat-grown Republicans from their specially-built system of moron factories like Liberty University? I was clearly underestimating the scope of the problem. One guy refused to comprehend the difference between "some say" and "I say". For like ten minutes.

And speaking of the perils of dealing with a bunch of dipshit Republican extremists in the House of Representatives, it's been an interesting couple of days for Paul Ryan, who, just a short time ago, wasn't gonna be Speaker of the House, no way, no how. Well, it turns out that he did have a way and he did have a how, and it turns out that way and how was the Freedom Caucus's cauc. And balls. On a platter.

Ryan gave the Freedom Caucus three demands - a supermajority endorsement, no preconditions, and they abandon some procedural mojo they were using to be able to threaten the Speaker if he didn't play ball. They, as a counteroffer, agreed that most of them would support him, but no official endorsement and they keep their procedural bullshit. The world waits for Ryan's response because despite all evidence yesterday to the contrary, we're still pretending the Republican House is an important part of American government.

And finally, Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, told everyone that Hitler wouldn't have tried to kill all the Jews if a Palestinian hadn't talked him into it. No, really. He said that. He so said that that Germany had to step up and reiterate that the Holocaust was in fact their idea, not the Palestinians. Which at least distracted everyone from the Volkswagen scandal for a day or two.

This just underlines, highlights, and codes as a link to the YouTube clip of the startled chipmunk the stupidity of American politicians weird, mindless fealty to Israel and whoever happens to be in charge of it right now. This is a malady that afflicts those on both sides of aisle, but like many other ailments that do that, the rate of infection is much higher on the right than the left. Netanyahu's an asshole, and the best way to "support" Israel would be to support damn near anyone else doing his job instead.