Dumbass Of The Year 2016: Day One

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Memo to Trump, The Bigot: YOU ARE THE DUMBASS OF THE YEAR.

Semitraditionally, during the last week of the year, I count down the nominees for the Dumbass Of The Year, but let's face it, there's only one dumbass of the year. Dumbasses want to be with him, dumbasses want to be him. He's so dumb that the spokespeople he hires to explain away all the dumb shit he says are themselves complete fucking idiots. Seriously, watch one of them on cable news sometime. They're hilariously inept. We are, of course, talking about Donald Trump, Dumbass Of The Year 2016. It's so obvious I almost feel bad.

But there are different aspects to the Trumpdumb, and since I have a whole week without a countdown because this asshole took the prize with a lead so vast Ben Carson was eating his fucking dust, we'll spend some time exploring those aspects. Today, Trump the Bigot.

Bigot is the all-encompassing noun here. It covers Trump's racism, his nativism, his xenophobia, his religious bigotry, and his light (for a Republican presidential candidate) homophobia.

I don't need to go into details. We all know the stories. A lot of it is just the base level ugly bigotry of a rich white guy pushing 70. Then there's the layer of mandatory bigotry required by the Republican base. And then there's the other part. The X factor.

Because there are a lot of bigots pushing 70 in the Republican Party. And there are lots of people in the Republican Party who will throw every non-straight non-white non-male under any and every available bus, train, and light rail car in order to gain another half percent in the polls. And none of them have the love and support Donald Trump does from the white supremacist/white nationalist/Neo-Nazi movement.

Stormfront types looooooove him. Not just begrudgingly support him, not just the wistful hope that these vague dog-whistles will lead to action after the election. No, they love him. They think he's one of their own. Is he? It kind of doesn't matter. He's presenting himself in a way that makes them shout "Sieg Heil" at his rallies. And he's completely unconcerned that he's doing so. That's bad enough.

Trump is the embodiment of the ugliness that's always lurked between the surface of American politics. He's an anthropomorphized Southern Strategy. A walking, talking Trent Lott praising Strom Thurmond. A blobby, squalid country club that's just always been that way, complete with the Astroturf. And that's part of why he's the Dumbass of the Year.