Bio Hazards, Part 3

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Memo to Return Of Kings Garbage People: YOU'RE ALSO JUST A BUNCH OF FUCKING WEIRDOS.

Why, yes, I did spend seven hours watching Wrestlemania on Sunday, which is why you're getting your Men's Rights Monday on Tuesdday. I'm not proud of that, but I'm prouder of that than WWE should be for booking it. Anyway, while we're on the subject of a high testosterone to competence ratio, let's have another edition of Bio Hazards, where we look at the things that Men's Rights Activists want the world to know about them. And one thing they want the world to know about them is that they're just fucking weirdos.

Let's start with Quintus Curtius, whose real name is almost definitely Curt Quint. Curtius' article asks the rhetorical question of whether or not students should be able to sue their schools if they can't find a job after they graduate. His article, to his credit, waits until the last two paragraphs before attacking the woman who sued her law school on those grounds for being lazy. But that's not important right now. What's important is his bio.

Quintus can be found at He is the author of the books Thirty Seven, Pantheon, Stoic Paradoxes, and Pathways. His work has been reviewed at Taki's Magazine. He can be followed on Twitter.

That seems like a normal bio, except a little bit odd. The oddness is due to the fact that all four books are self-published (natch), and the reviews are from a website you haven't heard of unless you're a hardcore libertarian, and whose Google suggestions are "taki's magazine" and "taki's magazine racist". Taki's is where racist John Derbyshire goes to be really racist when nobody else will touch him because of how racist he's been lately. So, you know. And then I did a bit more Googling and found that the "review" was an article by a female libertarian sort of excoriating Curtius for being a MRA douchewaffle. I say "sort of" because there's only so much standing up for your gender you're allowed to do on a site like Taki.

Just weird. Similarly, Charles Sledge, who knows three financial lies we've been told our whole lives. The article is nine parts bland and obvious with one part light madness, but the bio. Oh, the bio.

"Charles Sledge is a man who writes about masculinity, wealth, and attraction among other things at his website Charles Sledge and is the author of The Primer a guide for men. His goal in life to help men live the life of their dreams and find fulfillment in a decaying world.

First of all, proofreading. Title case. Look into it. Second, if your website is the same as your name, maybe put the address of the site into the body and not just your name again, because that looks fucking weird. As for finding fulfillment in a dying world, great, good for you, buddy, but how, exactly, will telling a bunch of fucking misogynists that taking out a loan to start a business is "good debt" going to accomplish that? The phrase sounds way more like a fancy euphemism for fucking someone in a broken bathroom stall.

And finally, we turn to "Kyle Trouble", the delightful author of the delightful "Why Are Sluts And Studs Different". Now, I admit, I skimmed, but the answer appears to be "because". Also, possibly something about one gender ruling while the other gender is drooling. Anyway, here's his weirdo bio.

Kyle is 24 years old and a now-retired computer engineer, who left Corporate America slavery and his life in Los Angeles behind to move abroad. You can read about his exploits over at This Is Trouble and on Twitter.//p>

OK, let's talk terminology here. "Retired at 24". "Escaped slavery". These two things are mutually exclusive. If you made enough to leave Corporate America and "retire" at age 24, you were even farther away from being a slave than your ultra-white, faux-hawked profile pic would lead someone to believe. Also, I've seen a lot of horrible things on the Internet, but the thought of a website where you could read about a mid-20s men's rights shitapple lying about all the tail he's getting in Prague makes me think we should just shut the whole thing down and go back to listening to songs on cassette.