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Memo to "Mainstream" Trump Supporters, Rick Tyler, and The Daily Show: YOU ARE DUMB.

Well, well. What a week. Dueling speeches, elaborate congressional protests, and a level of craziness matched only by the amount of daylight. SPASTIC TOPIC MONKEY FRIDAY!

It's pretty startling that Donald Trump could give an anti-Hillary speech that basically took every wingnut fever-swamp conspiracy theory about HIllary Clinton it could find, made up new lies to add to them, and still get kudos from on-the-fence conservatives on "moving in the right direction" just because he read the bullshit off a teleprompter and he didn't go off on a racist tangent about a personal grudge.

Voting for Donald Trump is basically like using the N-word at this point for conservatives. Deep down, they want to do it. But they don't want to be publicly noticed doing it, they don't want to have to explain to people why they're doing it, and they'll cling to the flimsiest of logic in order to justify it. They just want to do it in private and not suffer any consequences for doing it, even though it's totally racist. Speaking of totally racist...

Whatever you do, DO NOT read the lengthy treatise by Rick Tyler, Tennessee nut-job and micro-polling independent congressional campaign, explaining why he put up a billboard and website that say "MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN". I'll save you the trouble. All he says is "ha ha I trolled you" and "what I'm not racist", presumably because he thinks he hates black people for more than just the color of their skin. Although I do think it's funny he had to or decided to get the ".info" domain for his makeamericawhiteagain website. Every possible reason for doing that is sad and depressing. Was it cheapest? Did he think he should do it because he's being informative? Or were all the other ones taken by other racists?

Also, whatever you do, do not engage in a debate over whether the slogan "Make America White Again" is racist or not, or whether Rick Tyler is racist or not. Of course he's racist. Totally and utterly racist. Wanting to return to a time when black people were segregated just because he thinks it was nicer then is racist. Even acceding to the debate continues the weird recent trend where racists can just say they're not racist and we all collectively decide to teach the controversy.

Nice to see that the False Equivalency Squad on the Daily Show team definitely survived the Steward-Noah transfer of power, with this week's "Do Something" game show on Senate inaction on gun violence. Basically, they took aim at Republicans for blocking Democratic measures to excercise a tiny bit of gun control, and excoriated Democrats for blocking Republican measures to do absolutely nothing while allowing them to claim they voted for gun control. Congress failed to even split the difference between the status quo and the bare minimum, and therefore BOTH SIDES ARE AWFUL.

No tragedy is going to be big enough to break the NRA's hold on Congress. Twenty dead school kids didn't do it. Orlando didn't do it, and even when you account for the fact that the victims weren't (largely) straight white children, the the larger numbers and the terrorist connection still make it slightly worse in their eyes than Sandy Hook. The only thing that will work is exacting a greater political price for opposing gun control than the NRA can exact for supporting it, and that's what these votes and stunts and sit-ins are about. Creating an environment where that price can be exacted. It probably won't work, because memories are short and gerrymandering is long, but shitting on people for not settling for a sham "solution" that would relieve all the gun control pressure without actually controlling guns isn't going to accomplish anything either. Well, except maybe getting Republicans to come on the show and getting me to watch more Full Frontal.