Bringing Erecty Back

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Biological determinism! It's what lets blank-ists pretend they're not blank-ists, they're SCIENTISTS! Biological determinism is the process of taking common or average traits (real or perceived) of a population, ignoring any and all cultural factors that may have led to that commonality or average, and then treating those averages as a hard and fast rule that must be obeyed at all costs. This is what lets an overweight, out-of-shape man argue fervently that women are physically unfit to serve in the military, for example.

Needless to say, biological determinism is rampant at Return of Kings, a site filled to the brim with men who would probably die and/or fail miserably at life if technology and civilization didn't allow them to overcome their individual biological issues. Which is not a criticism per se - I'm one of those men too. But at least I know it and don't think I'm physically superior to a female in the infantry just by dint of my DNA.

So if you're wondering how big a part the pure, undiluted bullshit of biological determinism plays into Nicholas Jack's article "7 Reasons Why A Male Cheater Is Better Than A Female Cheater", wonder no more. It's a lot. A whole hell of a lot.

In fact, the first five of these seven reasons are all based around the single biological determinist factor used to explain shitty male behavior since the dawn of time. Men are driven to fuck, women are driven to breed. Oh, sure, the women part is sometimes cached into "women need to be picky in CASE they breed", but it still all boils down to the fact that American men in 2016 are still evolutionarily driven to jizz all over everything, as much as they can, so when they cheat they're just following their natural instincts.

And in case you were wondering what kind of cultural factors biological determinists like to ignore, along with a fervent belief that the plural of "made-up anecdote" is "real data" ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

"For an example of this, talk to a sexually active gay guy in a big city. You shouldn’t be suprized to hear that his number of sexual partners is in the quadruple digits! Check out this quote from a study about gay men’s sexual habits:;: '28% of homosexual men had more than 1000 partners.'"

There's so much wrong with this before I even get around to telling you the thing that's really wrong with this. For example, if this study is true, and 28% of gay men have had more than 1,000 partners, you SHOULD be surprised to hear that someone's got a count that high, because, well, there's nearly a three in four chance you won't. But that's if the study is true. And I know linking to a study makes you sound reliable, but some people follow the link.

And when some people follow the link, they find themselves on a site called CARM, and then they read that CARM stands for Christian Apologetics Research Ministry, which is just collecting statistics from Exodus Global Alliance, Catholic Education Dot Org, and the Family Research Council, and, well, let's face it. A Klansman doesn't become a social scientist just because he hands you a copy of The Bell Curve.

So anyway, scroll through all that jizzwriting, and you get to Reason #6, "Only higher-value guys have the option to cheat." and before either of us makes the obvious joke, we already know Men's Rights garbage people define the "value" of a guy very differently from the rest of us to keep from diving headfirst into ravines. His argument is that it's much easier for women to cheat than men, so men should be forgiven because that means you've caught yourself a high-value guy, ladies! His cheating on you just proves how desirable he is.

Reason #7 is that "Guys can keep feelings out of the bedroom", which he just brings down to biological determinism again, claiming that contraception has only allowed women to be promiscuous for a century, while men have evolved to be promiscuous over "millions of years", A number that is BARELY true if you count the absolute upper estimate on homo erectus. And I suppose if the Men's Rights Movement is about anything, it's about bringing back homo ererctus.