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Memo to the potentially complacent, Suicide Squad fans, and Satan-fearing fundies: YOU ARE DUMB.

Donald Trump is the algae bloom of stupidity. The more his stupidity flourishes, the more it chokes off the oxygen to the rest of the stupidity ecosystem, until it becomes almost impossible to find non-Trumpian stupidity. But I'll do my best to keep it to a third of this week's SPASTIC TOPIC MONKEY FRIDAY!

If you're anything like me, and if you weren't, you wouldn't be here, you've spent this week enjoying Donald Trump's increasingly flaccid, limp polls. Sure, he continues to assure us, much like he did in the primary, that there's no problem, but the fact is, he hit an important tipping point this week, when the story stopped being about how bad he was as a person, and started being about how bad his campaign was doing. And the great thing about "campaign in trouble" reportage is the same thing that's horrible about it from a journalistic standpoint - it's a largely self-sustaining feedback loop.

However, and this is a message you'll hear fairly often from me over the next couple of months, none of this awards you the ability to be complacent. If Trump is down by 15 points in your state in the polls, the only way to ensure that he goes down by 15 points in the election is to get your ass to the polls and vote. For Hillary Clinton. Whether you like her or not. They say voting against someone isn't as good as voting for someone, and that's true, but second best is still pretty fucking good.

Speaking of denying the reality of the public's preference, Suicide Squad fans? Get the fuck over it. I haven't seen the movie because, well, I can tell a turd from the smell, which obviates the need me to lick it. But hey, some people liked it. Great. Other people didn't like it. Many of those other people were critics, and said so, in print and on the Internet. Which was aggregated by Rotten Tomatoes, which arrived at a number. A number which then irked the people that liked it because it did not correspond with their experience.

But the plural of anecdote is not data, and the plural of "I liked it" is not "It's awesome". Congratulations, you get to be an iconoclast, a contrary bastard, and all you had to do was jack it to a live-action Harley Quinn. So stop with, for example, the petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes because other people's critical opinions make you feel sad. Let the actors in the film go around giving half-assed defenses of the film to news outlets. That's what the studios pay them for. I spent a smidge of time in the comments of one of those articles, and the DC movie fans are in full Bad Nerd mode, seeing the Marvel movies as THE ENEMY against the ONE TRUE GRITTY FRANCHISE. It's a level of denial I haven't seen anywhere else, because I'm not breaking that one in three rule for today.

Let's end the week on a high note. Shout out to my favorite activists, the Satanic Temple, for their latest bit of headline-grabbing church-state activism. They're attempting to establish "Satan Clubs" that meet at schools that also host Good News Clubs sponsored by the Youth Evangelism Fellowship. The parallels are obvious to everyone except for the fundies they're poking, and oh, do the fundies get poked.

Now, I know you're supposed to avoid the bottom half of the Internet unless you're a sicko like me whose hobby is anticipating and then confirming the worst aspects of humanity. But you may want to break that rule for any comments section from a mainstream news outlet about these Satan Clubs, to see for yourself just how effective the trolling is on dumb fundies who can't even grasp the concept of Ironic Satanism.