A Dream Fulfilled

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The key to understanding Donald Trump's "Second Amendment People" comments is understanding the gun nut fantasy mindset. Gun nuts believe two things. That one day, they will be called upon to defend the nation against liberal tyranny, and that one day, they will be called upon to defend their home against a black criminal.

Basically, think of gun nuts in a near-constant state of Red Death Dawn Wish. It's why they embraced George Zimmerman, for doing what they all wish they could do - shoot an unarmed black teenager and get away with it because you thought he was a criminal and half the country lined up behind you to scream in comments sections about how he must have been a criminal and Geraldo Rivera going on TV and saying of course he was a criminal HE WORE A HOODIE.

And that's why they'll line up behind Chad Copley, who used a shotgun to defend himself against an unarmed 20-year-old black man who was somewhere within shotgun range of Copley's Raleigh, North Carolina home.

And when you read the transcript of Copley's 911 calls, you get a near-perfect picture of what the NRA and the rabid, racist, pro-gun movement in the USA really is. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

"We've got a bunch of hoodlums out here racing. I am locked and loaded. I'm going outside to secure my neighborhood. You need to send PD as quickly as possible. I'm going to secure my neighborhood. I'm on the neighborhood watch. I'm going to have the neighbors with me. There's hoodlums out here racing up and down the street. It's 1 o'clock in the morning. There's several dozen of them. They have firearms, and we're going to secure our neighborhood. If I were you, I'd send PD as quickly as possible."

From the evidence available from news reports, Copley did not "go out there", nor did he have neighbors with him. He shot from inside his garage through a window at people in the street who were attending a house party a couple doors down. There's no evidence that the party-goers were armed. There's also no apparent "neighborhood watch" organization in the neighborhood for him to have been part of. Copley's call was the only one police received about the party. Copley's second call, post-shooting, is even more telling.

"We have a lot of people outside our house yelling and shouting profanities. I yelled at them, 'Please leave the premises.' They were showing a firearm, so I fired a warning shot and we got somebody that they got hit... Well, I don't know if they're shot or not, ma'am. I fired my warning shot like I'm supposed to by law. They do have firearms, and I'm trying to protect myself and my family."

In case you're wondering, first, the law doesn't say you're supposed to fire a warning shot. That is a made-up thing. Second, firing shots that hit people with bullets are very, very bad warning shots. Also notice how "firearm" jumps between singular and plural. Oh, and despite asking for them to send police, he never gives 911 his address, even when asked. I think it's painfully easy to guess what happened here.

White Southern gun owner gets woken up in the middle of the night by More Than One African-American. He gets scared, because his entire worldview exists to tell him More Than One African-American is very scary. He gets his gun, he confronts them, they yell shit back at him because, well, he's a crazy man yelling at them. He sees something he thinks is a gun, and suddenly, they all have guns and they're coming for him and his family. He's in the full on right-wing fantasy mode now, Defending His Fambly, shoots a dude, calls it an accidental warning shot.

He lived the dream. Now, of course, he's been arrested and charged with murder and has a mug shot that looks like it came right out of a comedy sketch about the kind of guy who would do shit like this. He's the living embodiment of the NRA fantasy world that Donald Trump is pretending he wasn't referencing.