Eight More Years (of Shitbag Excuses)

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Memto to Clinton supprters: I KNOW THIS WILL BE A SACRIFICE.

When we vote for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, we'll be voting for a lot of things we don't like. We'll be voting for a business-friendly, hawkish centrist. We'll be voting for years of obstructionism and investigations from at a minimum the House of Representatives. And most importantly, we'll be voting for at least four years of shitty, shitty excuses from shitty, shitty assholes.

You'd think we'd be used to it by now, of course. For eight years, some public official, usually at the state level but occasionally rising to the level of House Teabagger, would put something embarassingly racist, violent, and/or both on Facebook or Twitter or something and then, when called on it, come up with some half-assed excuse for how it happened or what they really meant.

And it's already happening with Hillary, and will keep happening after she's elected, because a lot of people are horrible, stupid, monsters.

For example, George Lindell. He's the Trump supporter caught on video sporting half of a mullet around his entire head and chanting JEW S A JEW S A while looking like he was courting an aneurysm and having a Trumpgasm at the same time.

Lindell told an Arizona newspaper that he was showing support for young Latino Trump supporters who were embarrassed about how their "USA" chants sounded. This is ludicrous for any number of reasons, including but not limited to: young Latinos at a Trump rally, a Trump supporter demonstrating empathy, this particular Trump supporter demonstrating empathy, the deep roots of anti-Semitism that run through the Trump campaign infrastructure, oh, and the fact that Lindell also told that newspaper that "The Jews run the country anyway". It's an awful, awful excuse.

But at least it's only one bad excuse, unlike the TWO bad excuses put forward by Texas Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller for tweeting poll results that showed the Pennsylvania race at "TRUMP 44 CUNT 43", which is both offensive and a poll from the "New Auto Alliance", which is how far you have to go to get a Pennsylvania poll result favorable to Trump.

The first response from the Miller camp was that they'd been hacked. Sorry, but there are only six or so billion people on the planet. If half of those people had the capability to hack Twitter accounts, an unreasonable percentage to be sure, there still wouldn't be enough Twitter hackers for one of them to get around to hacking the account of the Texas Agricultural Commissioner.

Then they said they either copied or retweeted (it wasn't retweeted) the "cunt" results without reading them properly. An illiteracy defense is certainly a plausible move from a Texas Republican who proudly calls himself a "deplorable" in the manner of racist, misogynist Trumpites after Hillary said a bunch of Trumpites were racist and misogynist. But I'm still not buying it.

And, when all else fails, you can pretend that "sarcasm" doesn't mean saying something that is the opposite of what you believe in order to point out how ridiculous it is. Expect a lot of that. It's what an Oklahoma state representative said was his reason for posting "2 words... firing squad" to Facebook in reference to Hillary Clinton's handling of Benghazi.

After explaining that he was being sarcastic, he went on to say that anyone who did what Hillary did would be convicted of treason and placed in front of a firing squad, which is not true, not what "sarcastic" means, and not even how someone convicted of treason would be executed, unless they committed that treason in Oklahoma and they couldn't get the drugs for a lethal injection. So, you know. Stupid eight ways from Sunday. And there's gonna be a lot more of that between now and 2024.