Ain't Normalizin' Shit

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Going forward, what should we expect, and what should we do? I mean, aside from getting all the serious think pieces out of the way and eventually returning to a more normal column format?

Speaking of the word "normal", you've probably been hearing the word "normalization" a lot lately. It's a concept I discussed during the campaign, and it's even more important now that Trump is the President-Elect. Because the primary goal of The System is to perpetuate The System, and the ultimate foundation of The System is that two normal people run for office and they have a debate about the issues and they convince more people to vote for them and they become President and everything's fine.

Everything is, of course, not fine. The President-Elect just appointed his white nationalist, anti-Semite, alt-right website editor campaign chair to be his "Chief Strategist", which isn't even a job. Meanwhile, Trump supporters, emboldened by their mascot's victory, are harassing people of color nationwide and painting lots of swastikas on shit and then blaming those reports on leftist agitators lying about shit and blaming the leftist protests on George Soros, a rich Jew. This is demonstrably not fine.

We argued a lot before the election over whether or not Trump was Hitler or Mussolini. But I think there's evidence that he's really just a Berlusconi who gets off on being treated like a Mussolini. Power-mad authoritarians looking to take over America don't wait until they're 70 and someone insults them at a correspondents' dinner to decide to seize power. But it doesn't make him any less dangerous that he gets a boner from standing on a balcony while throngs chant his name. So going forward, being ready for him to be Hitler makes it harder for him to be Hitler, and nothing slows down Trump like having to make an effort and do the work.

And the way to fight normalization? Well, that's gonna have to be an individual thing. Don't normalize him. You can't stop the media from doing it, because the media is part of The System and The System perpetuates The System. But we can remember, and keep pointing out that Donald Trump rose to power on a wave of white male nationalism, the help of a foreign dictator, and an ever-growing loss in the popular vote. As Harry Reid said, and was right about for a change, Trump's victory doesn't make any of the shit he's done less true, and doesn't make any of it less relevant. The election wasn't a national referendum on whether or not Trump was an asshole, it wasn't a referendum on what percentage of each state's population didn't find everything he said and did to be a dealbreaker.

So remember it and keep saying it. That's why I support the protests. These unprecedented protests are protesting an unprecedented President-Elect. They're reminding us that he's not normal. If they accomplish nothing else, that's a very worthy goal.

Beyond that, you do you. If you wanna get inspired and donate and fight and yell, absolutely. Will it help? Who knows. I know it won't hurt. Wear a safety pin if you're into that whole symbolism thing. I mean, I'd expect the safety pins to be co-opted within a week, but whatever. Stay aware, stay alert, stay safe, and hope the asshats tire themselves out yelling "cuck" at people and get fired from the night shift at Chik Fil'A for falling asleep on the job.