Racist Bannon

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Memo to Newt Gingrich, Mark Meadows, and Donald Trump: BACK TO THE GRIND.

They're in charge. They're enabling the ones in charge. But one thing hasn't changed. They're still IDIOTS, and they're still SAYING THE DAMNDEST THINGS. And they're not getting any less damndest.

"He was a managing partner at Goldman Sachs, he was a Hollywood movie producer." - Newt Gingrich, somewhat awkwardly explaining how Steve Bannon couldn't possibly be anti-Semitic.

Um, Newt? "Some of his co-workers were rich bankers who controlled the media" is not the strongest defense of anti-Semitism you could have mounted. But that's not relevant, because right now, the media is trying to determine with an unprecedented degree of accuracy exactly WHAT KIND OF ASSHOLE Steve Bannon is, which misses the point so astonishingly that... that it's par for the course, really.

You don't even have to read Breitbart. All you had to do was skim it, for a few minutes, at any point in the last five years to know that the guy who ran it is the worst. Modern racism, sexism, bigotry, and yes, anti-Semitism in the Internet Age is slightly more complicated than it used to be, because even racist assholes understand media strategy. You're not gonna find an article on Breitbart telling us Jews have horns. But everyone knows what he is, and anyone claiming otherwise either sympathizes with it or has a vested interest in obscuring it. End. Of.

"Holding him truly accountable for all the headlines on Breitbart would be to hold you accountable for the headlines on NBC.” - North Carolina congressman Mark Meadows, obfuscating.

Mark Meadows either doesn't understand what it means to run a website or is, more likely, being willfully ignorant in order to provide cover for his party's monster-elect. A daytime MSNBC anchor is not, in fact, in charge of the headlines on NBC. But the chairman of NBC is. He's in charge of the people who write the headlines. He hired them, he could fire them, and he could tell them to change their tone. Bannon didn't, doesn't, and won't do any of that. Of course he's fucking responsible, and debating that fact makes us all even stupider, which shouldn't even have been possible.

And while we're talking "stupid", and while I have a spare paragraph, there are decades of evidence that "support for Israel" and "anti-Semitism" are not mutually exclusive. Whether it's from right-wing ideological tribalism, an even deeper hatred of Muslims, or the evangelical belief that we have to keep Israel safe for Jesus to come back to, these things are both more complicated and simpler than the current "debate" would indicate.

"If it, if it helps. I will say this, and I will say right to the cameras: Stop it.” - Donald Trump, on 60 Minutes.

First, going forward, whenever the topic of violence and harassment caused by emboldened post-election Trump voters comes up, keep in mind that when you hear "Trump asked them to stop", that it was couched in the full layers of bullshit shown above. Along with the constant denial, minimizing, and false equivalencies from him and his crew. So don't be shocked when it doesn't help.

And of course this is Trump's fault. He ran on a platform opposing "political correctness", and "political correctness" means the social unacceptability of harassing and attacking women and minorities in the name of "telling it like it is", which is actually telling it like your racist uncle forwarded to you. Political correctness has been defeated, and assholes are free to be assholes. EXCEPTIONALISM!