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Memo to Mike Huckabee, Joe Scarborough, and Donald Trump: YOU ARE DUMB.

Two thirds of this week's IDIOTS SAY THE DAMNDEST THINGS comes from our overlord's favorite propaganda outlet, Twitter. I think we all know that I could fill every Wednesday with Trump tweets from now until we all get turned into borscht-flavored Soylent Green for Vladimir Putin, but I will hold out and be strong for as long as I can. Plus, Mike Huckabee still exists!

"Castro dead;C Kaepernick weeps for his idol; wipes tears w/ US flag; stands at attention with hand over heart for Castro. I'll take a knee." - Mike Huckabee, on Twitter, being a diiiiiiick.

For the record, I have no love for Fidel Castro. But also for the record, I have no love for the knee-jerk, anti-Commie, right-wing view of Castro as moustache-twirling 1960s supervillain. On a scale of world leaders from one to 10, with Hitler being a 1 and the Obama we pretended we were voting for a 10, Castro clocks in at about a four. Which is not great. But, you know, Trump hasn't even taken office yet and he's at five and a half and falling. At this rate, in a few years, elderly Floridians who've lost their Medicare will be taking leaky boats to Cuba to get hip replacements.

So yeah, after Castro died, a few people, for various reasons, mentioned certain aspects of Castro's reign that put some distance between him and Hitler. And one of them is a football player you're already mad at because he thinks black people are treated unfairly in America (gasp!) and said something about it (gasp!) and so you responded with wingnut histrionics and absolutist hyperbolic bullshit. Take your knee and try to fuck yourself with it.

"You’re not being rational right now! I have confidence in the Supreme Court of the United States." - Joe Scarborough, a rich white dude, explaining to the presumably less rich and definitely less white guest Anand Giridharadas why people of color shouldn't be scared of Trump.

Scarborough went on to say that he told Democrats things would be OK when Dubya was elected, and Republicans things would be OK when Obama was elected, and that "the center would hold". This is easy for Scarborough to say, because he didn't have to fight and die in either of Dubya's stupid wars, he didn't lose his house because of Dubya's stupid economy, and he's too fucking dumb to realize that Obama WAS THE CENTER and he was reassuring crazy people.

And, of course, Donald Trump is not Obama, and we'll all consider ourselves incredibly lucky if he turns out to be Dubya, and of course people of color suffered much worse than white people under Dubya, from Katrina to Muslim surveillance post-9/11 to dozens of other issues. And Scarborough's claim that the Supreme Court, which Trump gets to appoint someone to thanks to unprecedented Republican obstructionism, is an ample check on presidential power because people of color will only be in camps for a couple of years while the ACLU's case works its way to the highest court in the land, redefines privilege to a degree never before thought possible. And he thinks he's the rational one.

"In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally " - Donald Trump, in a now infamous tweet.

We'll be having a chat tomorrow about the idea of "distraction", so I'm not going to get into that here. Regardless, this is a completely fucking mind-boggling tweet, both for what it says and why it was said. I mean, I've been reading a LOT more Twitter since the election, for various reasons, and I saw quite a few Trump supporters making this ridiculous argument in response to any news about Clinton's ever-growing popular vote lead. To hear it echoed by Trump is simultaneously not surprising, and utterly shocking that it's not surprising.

But it gets better, of course. This is some Infowars Alex Jones bullshit, repeated uncritically by the future President, because the future President's shriveled dick feels threatened by the fact that even though he won, he didn't win all the ways he could win. And he couldn't just BELIEVE that millions of illegals voted, quietly, to himself, while presenting a sane face to the public. no, he had to remind us all how much of an insane moron asshole he is. So pardon me if I find that distracting.