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Memo to Benjamin Netanyahu: OH, FUCK OFF.

Oh, hey, America's Israel politics, which have always been weird and insane, are intersecting with our Trump politics, which is a whole new kind of weird and insane, forming an exciting new hybrid that, luckily, will probably lose the race to kill us all.

The thing is, in America, we've spent decades treating global Judaism, the state of Israel, the current Israeli government, and whatever the current Israeli government decides to do as one single identical thing. That kind of conflation isn't new, and it's not unique to Israel, but for understandable historical reason, it's been incredibly effective.

So here we are, in the waning days of the Chernobyl of years, and the UN Security Council decides to criticize Israel for its continued practice of building housing developments in occupied Palestinian territories and then bribing/paying/subsidizing the most radical Israelis and American Jews to live in them in order to maximize their advantage in any potential future peace deal that involves establishing a Palestinian state. An idea they claim to support.

And when the Security Council voted on this, America abstained. It abstained because that was the middle ground between supporting Israel, which is important, and not supporting Benjamin Netanyahu being a right-wing schvantzwaffle, which is also important. This happened despite pressure from both Netanyahu and Donald Motherfucking Trump on the US to veto the measure.

Which led, of course, to a round of HOW DARE YOU BE ALL ANTI-ISRAEL LIKE THAT from Netanyahu and pundits on cable news, which is fine, but also from Trump, which is less fine, and also the stuff from Netanyahu included what is essentially "Nyah nyah Trump's gonna let me stay up past midnight so I'm gonna live with him after the divorce" from a semantic perspective.

Which, by the way, is why modern political analysis of racism, bigotry, and anti-Semitism needs to move beyond "he put one KKK guy in jail so he's not a racist" or "he's expressed strong support for Israel so it's OK that he has a minimum of two anti-Semites on his staff". We even have an expression that says, straight up, "politics makes strange bedfellows", yet don't actually apply it in these situations.

So right-wing Zionism can jump into bed with right-wing white nationalism to achieve their common goal of maintaining power and screwing over even browner people. But that makes them allies, not friends. Treat their rhetoric with the derision it deserves.