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Memo to The Abyss: HI!

Inauguration Day is tomorrow, and I'm probably just going to repost something recent and relevant, so today, just some stuff to help get you through tomorrow.

First piece of advice, and one I will be following as best as I'm able? Be Indy and Marian, don't be a Nazi. By which I mean don't look at it. Not to mock it, not ironically, not as a car wreck, not out of morbid curiosity, not out of a weird patriotic duty. Don't tune it in, don't watch the coverage, don't do anything that might move a needle that might tell someone somewhere that people are paying attention to Trump. It's good for you, and it's good for America.

Find a thing you've always wanted to watch. Get a free trial for the subscription service that has it. Even if it's those suckasses at Hulu. Watch that. Avoid anyplace that may have a TV tuned to the inauguration. If anything important happens, it'll be online over the weekend.

Remember that Donald Trump is a moron who thinks you're stupid. And in the aggregate, he's sort of right, because, well, he won. But in the specific, he's wrong. Just yesterday, he posted a photo of himself writing his inauguration speech. On a fresh blank note pad. With a Sharpie. At a receptionist's desk. In a hallway. At his Palm Beach golf resort. Because he thinks you're stupid, because there's ample evidence that the odds are pretty good he's right.

Remember that nobody ever won anything in politics by shutting the fuck up. So when you make fun of Trump for faking his speech writing photo and some Pepe-humping troglodyte tells you THIS IS WHY YOU ELITISTS LOST, remember that they're still being fooled by a guy with bad hair implants and a Sharpie, so, you know. Don't take their political advice all that seriously.

Entertain yourself. Me, I'm coming up with more entertaining apocalypses than the one we're facing. Inspired by recent real-life events, for example, I'm hoping we actually get taken over by / annihilated by the rapidly evolving and growing colonies of bacteria and viruses currently accumulating on the inside of everyone's jacket elbow.

Don't listen to anyone who tells you opposing Trump is "divisive" or "polarizing". Opposing Trump is the natural, expected, and normal reaction to anyone who says and does the things Trump says and does, regardless of political party or ideology. SUPPORTING Trump in the face of all that is partisan, divisive, and polarizing. And the pundits who are telling you otherwise are only doing so because their existence depends on The System and acknowledging what Trump is would be very bad for The System.

Good luck tomorrow.