A Timely Reminder

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I'm reposting this November 21 column in support of the Democratic lawmakers who are, for various reasons, not attending the inauguration today. You get it. Thanks.


I don't pretend to know what's best for the Democratic Party moving forward. That, of course, is a blatant lie - I've been doing exactly that since 2004. And before, come to think about it. But blatant lies are the new currency, so let's go with it. In any case, my point is, if the Democrats decide to be the opposition party, they need to FUCKING OPPOSE.

This is why I support Keith Ellison as head of the DNC. It's a choice that clearly signals the Democrats' intent to be the opposition party. He's young, he's progressive, he's black, he's Muslim. He represents opposition to everything Donald Trump ran on, everything he's filling out his cabinet and advisors with. He's a principled middle finger to the very idea of a President Trump. That's what opposition looks like. It's not the safest choice. But it's a choice that takes a stand.

When it comes to the idea of working with Trump on key issues, that's something you could do, but not if you want to be the opposition party. I mean, Donald Trump is a self-aggrandizing con man. So even if he wants to boost infrastructure spending, there are already reports that what Trump wants to do is in fact an epic fucking con job. So don't go along with him on epic fucking con jobs just because they have a name that sounds like a thing you agree with.

If you're going to obstruct, obstruct. And when you get called on it, admit that the election results prove you were wrong about obstruction being bad. Republicans obstructed for eight years, and not only did they slow down the progress Obama could make, they got rewarded for it on Election Day. Clearly, obstructionism is at least as popular as Donald Trump is, and we've all somehow agreed that Donald Trump is "popular". So obstruct away!

Of course, ultimately, Donald Trump isn't particularly popular. He'll go down in history as the President who lost the popular vote by a truly staggering, yuge margin. Around two million more people voted against Trump than for him, nationwide, which means that being against Donald Trump has a lot of support in America from people who don't know what the word "cuck" means.

Ultimately, being the opposition party takes commitment. And that means not doing that thing that Democrats are so good at - worrying about what media centrists and "Real America" thinks of their tactics. There's no point in living in the era of Trump, where no rules apply and all bets are off, and hamstringing yourself by adhering to outdated Village rules about civility and bipartisanship. You can be right and be good without being what the Beltway decides is nice and fair. So if you're gonna oppose, OPPOSE.

And finally, the grandfathering will probably mean that there'll be a window where, if it passes, it could be fixed by a new Congress in 2018 and/or a new President in 2020. But it won't need to be fixed if it can be stopped, and maybe it can be stopped if their bullshit stealth attempt to sneak it under the country's nose gets exposed for what it is. Don't hold your breath.