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Memo to the Women's March: OH, HELL YEAH.

Obviously, something like the Women's March meant different things to different people. But the march, and the Trump events around it, say to me this may have been the single most effective protest in decades.

First and foremost, numbers. Huge numbers. Epic numbers. Numbers that dwarfed expectations, dwarfed planning. Seven continents. Fucking Antarctica. Insane numbers. Crazy numbers. Most importantly, LARGELY UNDENIABLE numbers.

Second, and this is super important, the march attracted people who don't normally protest. I know a LOT of people for whom the Women's March was their first protest of any kind. It swamped and overwhelmed the sort of basic first-world background comfort levels that get in the way of all of us taking any kind of action.

And then, it went off without incident. Despite taking place in hundreds of locations simultaneously, there weren't even enough incidents to create a false narrative out of. LARGELY UNDENIABLY peaceful.

What conclusion can we draw from this? The best conclusion. That Donald Trump is a fundamentally bad person and everyone knows it. Everyone. Some people need to ignore this because they want power. A lot of people embrace it because they are also fundamentally bad people. But EVERYONE knows it, and knows that he's a bad person in a way that we haven't seen in politics. He's like the unholy love child of Richard Nixon and wet mouth noises. He's unsavory as fuuuuuuuuck. And that's what got people out on the streets. Unprecedented awful inspires an unprecedented response.

Note that I said "largely undeniable", because as we've seen, these are people who will make shit up and label them "alternative facts" because they get tiny little Orwell boners from getting away with lying. For example, Trump's insane black sheriff nutjob David Clarke went on Twitter with tales of the horrors he suffered at what he called the "women's riot". ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

"Several taunted me at Women's riot. I dared those creeps to do something. They knew better & kept it to verbal insults. No cops to be found. "

Oh please, oh please let there be footage of this somewhere, because watching one of Trump's biggest supporters angrily try and step to a bunch of protesters laughing in his face would make my fucking week.

But most importantly, what all this has done is cause the Trump administration to not even ease into the reality-denying game. The press and the country will be forced to confront, in the most blatant, obvious way possible, the biggest problem confronting us right now - the lack of a common societal definition of reality. I don't have a ton of faith in our ability to solve that problem, but it's right out there, for everyone to see (and for some to claim it's Photoshopped, of course) literally during Weekend One. And while, sure, there are potential risks to poking an insane narcissist with command of the military right in his fragile ego, over and over again, it's no riskier than the alternative.