Dead To Me

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Memo to Trump supporters going forward: YOU'RE DEAD TO ME.

I'm not talking, necessarily, about Trump voters. People had their reasons for voting for Trump. Their horrible, horrible, misguided reasons for voting for Trump. But after this weekend, if you support Trump, go fuck yourself, you fucking inhuman monster.

Trump's Muslim Ban, within hours of being signed, caused immediate harm to hundreds of innocent people while serving a national security purpose somewhere between "completely fucking dubious" and "deliberately invented to serve a fascist agenda". If you support Trump after this, you're supporting a man who will ruin the lives of innocents, and you're OK with it because you're a bigot, too. Stop using the oxygen decent people need to breathe.

Don't tell me it's not a "Muslim Ban" because it's not all Muslims. That's a legal dodge and a wildly implausible fiction. The list of countries chosen for the ban only correlate to reality at one point, and that's the point where fucking people over from those countries won't harm Trump's business interests.

Don't tell me it's "emotional" or "dramatic" to focus on stories of innocent people being separated from their families, artists prevented from traveling to awards ceremonies, or otherwise completely legal residents of the United States who've been here for years and years and now either can't get back home or can't leave because they won't be let back in on a completely arbitrary basis. Not being OK with this makes me human. Being OK with this makes you a goddamned sociopath.

Don't tell me it's temporary. I mean, it will be temporary if the ACLU and the courts have their say, but believe me, if they get it in place, all they have to do is keep extending it while they "try to figure out vetting". And while we're at it, don't tell me this is vetting. The people turned back and turned away were vetted. This is arbitrary and sweeping.

Don't tell me it's a neophyte president's mistake and that any overreach will be ironed out eventually. If this first week has taught me anything beyond the precise limits of my ability to take in and process news, it's taught me that the group of people Trump's assembled around him are a very dangerous mix of radical agenda monsters (Bannon, et all), and sycophantic enablers (Spicer, Conway), all "led" by an insane derp-monster from the Orange Dimension.

If you're an elected Democrat, don't ever use the words "work with" again going forward, or you're part of the problem, and there may still be elections in 2018.

Oh, and by the way, you've just been given the excuse you need to obstruct ANY Donald Trump Supreme Court nominee. Donald Trump has, in eight days, shown a willingness to enact poorly-thought-out, wildly illegal, and blatantly unconstitutional policies on a moment's notice. Under these specific circumstances, he cannot be trusted to appoint anyone to the ultimate check and balance on what is legal and constitutional. This isn't (just) a matter of spite, this is solid, valid reasoning that's ALSO a good talking point. Don't worry about setting a precedent for the future. Worry about there being one.