The Four Words You May Need

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Memo to reticent Trump supporters: HERE'S YOUR OLIVE BRANCH.

It's been said that some of you may be hanging on to your Trump support out of a need to save face, maintain tribal affiliations, or both. I have the help you need. All you have to do is give yourself permission to SAY THIS DAMNDEST THING:

"He's gone too far."

All you need to do is pick one thing. We both know there are plenty of things to choose from. You could pick the five-year-old Muslim boy they detained as part of his Muslim ban, and then had Sean Spicer come out and say maybe five-year-olds were dangerous. That might lead to dangerous levels of empathy, of course, but again, plenty of options.

You could, for example, pick how they deliberately decided to celebrate Holocaust Remembrance Day by doing that thing holocaust deniers do when they want to deny the Holocaust without coming out and denying the Holocaust, and pretend that the Holocaust wasn't about singling out and killing Jews because the Nazis allowed slightly more diversity in their death camps than Trump's family allowed in their apartment buildings.

The point is, it's time to redraw partisan lines. Up until November, it was about Democrats and Republicans. But right now, the only two parties are He's Gone Too Far and He Hasn't Gone Far Enough. There's no He's Gone Exactly Far Enough party because, let's face it, the one thing the Trump presidency isn't known for, besides human decency, is precision.

If you think there's an area where he's gone too far, say he's gone too far, join the He's Gone Too Far party, and rejoin humanity. Or, if you think he hasn't gone far enough yet, I refer you to Monday's column.

If you do that, we will do our best not to say "Oh, NOW he's gone too far?" We'll think it, because, well, we're only human. But those of us reading this column won't say it, right, folks? And once Trump's dealt with, you can go back to being Republicans if you want. We're probably going to start taking your toys away in 2018, assuming, you know, we're permitted to vote, but you can still be Republicans. You can even support Mike Pence if you want. I don't know why you'd want, but I'm trying to build a bridge here. Because, well, motherfucker's gone too far.

Oh, and by the way, you've just been given the excuse you need to obstruct ANY Donald Trump Supreme Court nominee. Donald Trump has, in eight days, shown a willingness to enact poorly-thought-out, wildly illegal, and blatantly unconstitutional policies on a moment's notice. Under these specific circumstances, he cannot be trusted to appoint anyone to the ultimate check-and-balance on what is legal and constitutional. This isn't (just) a matter of spite, this is solid, valid reasoning that's ALSO a good talking point. Don't worry about setting a precedent for the future. Worry about there being one.