On The Application Of Power

« February 2017 »

Memo to Trump opponents: REMEMBER ONE THING.

After just over two weeks of rule by what's amounting to a Hitler And The Mussolinis cover band, one thing becomes painfully obvious, and it serves as an important lesson for anyone who's interested in opposing the current regime. The only thing they recognize is power.

I don't mean even respect. I mean recognize. Things that aren't power don't even register on their retinas as a thing that exists. This is why, for example, Trump doesn't see the problem with respecting and praising Putin even though Bill O' Fuckin' Reilly called Putin out for murdering dissidents. Murdering a dissident is an expression of power, and is therefore a thing to be paid attention to.

The good news is, they're dumb, vain, and insecure, which means there are in fact forms of power other than murdering dissidents that will register on their radar. This doesn't make them less dangerous, mind you. We all know how much ruination a shitty cover band can cause. But it does show multiple avenues of attack.

Watch what they react to, watch what they try to delegitimize, and then throw more of that at them. Like protests. If protests didn't work, they wouldn't be working so hard to convince themselves and everyone else that a $50 check from George Soros is all anyone needs to grab a sign and turn out for a march against Trump.

They also attack negative media coverage, negative popularity polls, SNL, the media not liking them, and Super Bowl ads showing kindness and basic human decency. Ultimately, at least for the nominal figurehead, the adulation of the masses is what they crave. We're already doing a good job of denying him that. Trump is rapidly becoming a social and cultural pariah. The White House Correspondents Dinner is turning into a shitshow. Celebrities, corporations, and public figures are learning that being associated with Trump is toxic. And that's two weeks in.

So we need to keep that shit up. Every time one of those Pepe-loving troglodytes tell you to "keep it up, that's why Trump won", keep it up, because that's not why Trump won. Which brings us to professional Democrats, who are slowly learning this lesson, but may not be learning it fast enough.

They've finally come around to opposing and delaying Trump's Cabinet nominations en masse and in total. That needs to continue with Gorsuch. And if Joe Manchin won't play ball with that, fuck Joe Manchin.

They. Only. Recognize. Power. Concessions are not power. Modeling norms is not power. Voting no is power. Filibustering is power. Remember that time you boycotted the hearings and made them change the rules so they could vote even when you boycotted the hearings? That's power. You made them react. You made them do something unpleasant and unpopular.

Yes, if you filibuster Gorsuch, the Republicans may try to eliminate the filibuster on Supreme Court nominees. They may even succeed. But they'll have to do it. The last two times this happened, the filibuster was preserved, and where did that get you? That got you a Supreme Court vacancy held for a year for Donald Trump to fill. How'd that work out for you? Exactly.

Identify sources of power. Employ them. Everything they get they have to fight for and we'll see how fuckin' bad they want it. They're not going to even notice you if you do anything else.