They Want You Dead

« March 2017 »

Memo to poor people: REPUBLICANS HATE YOU.

They've hated you for a long time. Like everything Republican, it got worse in the 80s, but they've always hated you. And yes, Democrats generally treat you with benign neglect, I get that, but Republicans would walk past your slowly-expiring body as it lies in the gutter and be annoyed that you were ruining the view.

A bunch of you keep voting for them anyway, because, well, sometimes they lie to you about not wanting you to go away and stop bugging them for food and medicine, and sometimes they lie to you and say it's those OTHER, browner, poor people they hate, not you. They love you. They're going to let the lazy brown people starve and make you great again.

Donald Trump's budget is the plainest statement of that truth to date. It's a hybrid of a Paul Ryan Randian wet dream and the kind of military-industrial complex fetishizing that I thought perhaps the ready availability of Viagra might have alleviated in this day and age, but nope, missiles and tanks are still dick substitutes, and WE MUST HAVE MORE OF THEM so starve, bitches.

Oh, and tax cuts for the rich, of course. The rich can never pay too few taxes. I mean, the only people that'll notice the difference in taxes will be their accountants, who'll show the numbers to the wealthy people so the numbers can try to fill the hole that can never be filled. So all they can do is stave off the void by staring at the numbers and convincing themselves they earned those numbers by being smarter and better and not just whiter and luckier because it's a meritocracy goddammit it has to be a meritocracy because I succeeded, right? And if it's a meritocracy and I'm successful it means I'm a good person even though cancer patients are dying because I bought a yacht instead of their chemotherapy NOT A SOCIOPATH REALLY.

Now, this is a president's budget, which means it probably won't pass in its current form. But the form it passes in won't be much better. It'll just restore some key things to make key people feel just better enough to stop caring, because that's how shit works. And regardless of what passes, never forget that this budget is a statement of intent.

What this budget does is go after every small thing the federal government does that isn't in alignment with an anti-poor, anti-compassion, anti-science, and anti-anything-to-the-left-of-Sean-Hannity agenda, pushes it off the cliff, and, for no other reason than its screams as it falls, get Trump and Ryan hard. That's who's running things. That's who they are. That's their true face. They're barely bothering to hide it anymore, and if you keep getting fooled by it, you're dumber than they think you are.