Small Victory Friday

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Memo to whining pundits, bad ads, and Steve Bannon: YOU ARE DUMB.

There's a lot going on, so let's focus on the positives, even if they don't look like positives. Small victories add up. SPASTIC TOPIC MONKEY FRIDAY!

They did it they finally did it damn them all to hell I guess? So now nobody can use the filibuster to block a Supreme Court justice, because the first time anyone tried to filibuster the Supreme Court Justice, they took away the ability to filibuster Supreme Court Justices. So this is really important or something because polarization?

I've watched a lot of punditry over the last few days bemoaning the inability of both sides to work together, to compromise, to de-escalate partisanship, to stop playing to their base and play to "the middle". And totally neglecting to mention that what the "compromise" point would be now would have been a right-wing extremist point five years ago. If you cooperate on shitty ideas that hurt people, you're complicit in shitty ideas that hurt people. I'm sure someone can explain that to Ivanka.

I'm happy that stupid fucking Pepsi ad is off the air. I understand the arguments that there are more important things going on, like the latest attempt to bomb the Middle East into peace and freedom. and that's totally true. But there's nothing wrong with what happened with the Pepsi ad. It was horrible, everyone took a few minutes out of their day to make fun of it, it went away. Everyone had fun, the good guys won in the end, we move on.

Small victories help define the boundaries. Someone at Nivea should have known better than to put out an ad that screams "WHITE IS PURITY", but they didn't. And they didn't, presumably, because the background level of racism has gotten so high that thought it would be OK. They got taught a lesson. Pepsi got taught a lesson. They got pushed back. That's how you stop it from happening again. Culture wars are won on the small stuff.

If you have the stomach for that sort of thing, I urge you to delve deep into the scuttlebutt that's been leaking all week about "Lenin's Drowned Corpse" Steve Bannon's fall from grace. His removal from the National Security Council, his alleged hissyfit over said removal, and the power struggle between Bannon and Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, the frat boy in a flak jacket who's supposed to be solving the Middle East peace problem, the opioid epic, and broken government, plus other duties as assigned.

Notable are reports, true or otherwise, that Trump got rubbed really raw by the "President Bannon" meme, which is fucking hilarious. I mean, it certainly fits into the Trump psychological pattern. That's why people did it in the first place. But if the reports are true, that means that no, Trump's not smart enough to be playing two-dimensional checkers, much less four-dimensional chess. He's trollable by the Internet. Also notable is that Bannon allegedly straight up called Kushner a "globalist" and a "cuck", which we all know is alt-rightese for "Jew who pissed me off". Watching these assholes unravel isn't a big thing, but small victories never hurt.