Ignorance Is 9/10 Of The Law

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Memo to Steve Farese, Donald Trump, and Scott Baio: YOU ARE DUMB.

IDIOTS SAY THE DAMNDEST THINGS for a variety of reasons. They may believe damndest things, they may think saying these things will advance their career, or they may just decide that it's better to say something incredibly stupid and wrong than to let a silence go unfilled or admit to even completely understandable, if also utterly disqualifying, ignorance. Enjoy matching the sentences in this intro to the three quotes below!

"People can be really good at lying. Women can be especially good at it, because they are the weaker sex." - Tennessee defense attorney Steve Farese, explaining both why his client couldn't possibly have raped a woman he was interviewing for a housekeeping position and also why we're still where we are today.

A few things. First, of course fucking Tennessee. Second, while I'm not familiar with the details of the case, either the whole thing was so shoddy that Farese's bullshit comments weren't necessary, or they worked, because his client got off. Third, the most successful pathological liar in the world is not only a man, but a man who's gotten away with repeated sexual assault, and fourth, fucking Tennessee.

Farese later "explained" his comments, saying "My job is not to care if anybody gets offended. Smart people will see it for what it is." This is correct, of course. People did see it for what it was, which is why they got offended. Because it was either a deeply-held sexist belief or the blatant exploitation of sexism in pursuit of an ethically questionable outcome. But hey, those feminists sure are irritating, right?

"People don't go around asking about NATO if I'm building a building in Manhattan, right? So they asked me, Wolf ... asked me about NATO, and I said two things. NATO's obsolete — not knowing much about NATO, now I know a lot about NATO — NATO is obsolete, and I said, 'And the reason it's obsolete is because of the fact they don't focus on terrorism.' You know, back when they did NATO there was no such thing as terrorism." - Donald Trump, admitting it.

We all knew that Donald Trump just made shit up to cover for his deep stupidity, borderline dementia, and fundamental ignorance of the world, but it's telling that he can openly admit this to the Associated Press in an interview and it would make barely a ripple because North Korea and Michael Flynn and everything everywhere all the time.

But if we can spend most of an ultimately futile week on Sean Spicer's "Adolf Hitler didn't use chemical weapons", surely we could spare an hour or two on "they didn't invent terrorism until after 1949", can't we? Please? Just a bit? And then a couple of days on "I didn't know anything about NATO so I took a shit on it because that's my natural instinct and how could that possibly be a bad quality in a world leader?" Maybe?

"if you do drugs or drink, you’re going to die.” - Scott Baio, emulating his beloved Trump on a radio station that thought it would be a good idea to listen to him.

Baio was speaking on the death of his Joanie Loves Chachi co-star Erin Moran, who unfortunately died of cancer over the weekend but who at least didn't make a laughingstock of herself on the national political arena beforehand, because, let's face it, we all know which unflattering paragraphs are going to show up in every Scott Baio editorial when his time comes.

Baio, of course, assumed she died of some kind of drug- or alcohol-related cause, He now claims to have heard reports to that effect that prompted his comments, but I think we all know how much credence to place in THAT excuse. But also, everybody's going to die, whether they drink or use drugs or both, and not everyone who drinks and uses drugs, even to excess, dies young of a related cause. Someone needs to get Scott Baio off that high horse, because I guarantee you nobody hired him to ride it.