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Memo to Robert Fisher: YOUR CONTEXT SUCKS TOO.

As you may recall, to stave off the madness caused by the 2016 campaign, I instituted Men's Rights Monday, where I mocked the "philosophy" of the walking, talking backed-up prostate glands that call themselves the Men's Rights Movement. In the post-election environment, of course, there's no real way to stave off the madness, so it's fallen by the wayside.

But when New Hampshire state representative and no-fucking-way-he-wasn't-a-Trump-fan Robert Fisher was outed as the founder of the men's rights sub-Reddit "Red Pill", I realized I could do Men's Rights Monday (albeit on a Tuesday), and still talk politics! Yay! As I mentioned on Friday, Fisher issued a statement explaining the context behind his remarks, and let's start with the best part, the part of any Men's Rights manifesto where the underlying deep sadness is inadvertently revealed. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

"Sure, my experience would eventually lead me to discover that all is not lost in the bleak world of dating, as I'm in a very happy relationship today. But my god did it suck when I realized just how high of a bar my family set for my expectations, with no preparation for the eventual realization that most people won't be what you expect. " - Fisher, explaining why he said on the Internet that women were stupid lying dummyheads.

Ignore, as best you can, that last sentence, which only barely makes sense in the context of his actual comment, which involved the women of his family being awesome and every other woman, all of whom rejected him, not. Focus instead the tacit admission that his misogyny stemmed from an inability to get laid, and imagine how much longer he's going to be in a very happy relationship now that all this has come to light.

As for his more famous comment, how rape can't be all bad because the man probably enjoys it? It's not what you think. It's much, much worse. He wasn't promoting rape, you see. He abhors rape, or at least the one specific version of rape still recognized as such by the Men's Rights movement. No, he was just having a philosophical discussion on the nature of absolute truth on the Internet with three other losers, and he reposted most of that conversation, along with their ridiculous usernames (Spoonman, Applegoogle, Riev_Mordred, Spike, and Fisher himself, FredFrederickson) as part of his statement. That is some unconscionable shit right there.

He objectified women because dating is hard and he's heterosexual, in case you were wondering. And then there's this, his reaction to an all-too-common paranoia amongst the MRA crowd for reasons that are super-obvious to everyone but them:

"I never taped a sexual encounter, though I have often considered that it may be the best, or only, form of protection for men to prevent false rape accusations... Obviously my fear of the rate of false accusations was fresh in my memory, as I had lived through the nightmare once before. "

Now, it's possible that he was, as he claims, actually falsely accused of rape in his 20s, which led to a trauma that turned him against women and into the Men's Rights movement where he constantly feared it happening again. It's also possible that the MRM's common Todd Akin-esque view of "legitimate rape" and dismissal of the current understanding of consent may have been in play all along. Interestingly, despite the alleged "nightmare", the false allegation he claims happened didn't jeopardize his young political career. But complaining about it on the Internet might.