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Memo to Donald Trump, Steve King, and Tucker Carlson: YOU ARE DUMB.

Still so much going on, so much backlog, and so little time to cover everything. So let's continue with FREESTYLE TOPIC MONKEY EVERYDAY!

Donald Trump's interview with the New York Times tells us many things, but the most important thing it tells us is that "dumpster fire" metaphor for the Trump presidency is played out and wildly inadequate. So I'm officially coining Fukushita, which is basically like a nuclear reactor melting down, except instead of unranium and plutonium, the nuclear reactor runs entirely on shit. That's where we're at right now.

The only surprising thing about it, because it was a non-stop spray of garbage from a man made entirely of garbage, is that absolutely nobody either can, or wants to, stop him, from going out to these things and just being a dumb, dumb, vindictive, dumb, self-incriminating, stupid motherfucker. I mean, how difficult is it to trick him into putting a remote-controlled shock collar around his balls? How difficult could it be to trick him into doing anything?

While it's good that, with things like the healh care bill, public pressure is managing to prevent the Trump administration from doing large-scale harm to a vast swath of Americans, never lose sight of the fact that on a smaller scale, they're doing as much harm as they can. For example, the recent pushback against allowing transgender soldiers in the military.

They've delayed the implementation, they're trying to stop it outright, and morons like America's Stupidest Congresscritter, Steve King, are going around comparing voluntary transgender soldiers to the eunuch slaves of the Ottoman Empire. He called castration "gender reassignment surgery" because he's a fucking moron and said that people would join the military just to get the surgery. Which, you know, has a simple solution - single-payer healthcare. Honestly, the only drawback to a single-payer system is all the regressive assholes like Steve King who are going to argue that certain procedures they don't like shouldn't be part of the coverage.

I'd like to thank Tucker Carlson for creating an exciting new low in the history of modern American xenophobia. Or possibly a new high point, if you see it as a sign of weird, panicky desperation by reactionary assholes flailing around wildly for "others" they can demonize with impunity.

Because Carlson recently did an entire segment scaring his viewers with the idea of unassimilated Romani in Pennsylvania, pooping on things. Yes, Fox News has taken a stand against filthy "Gypsies", a word they used with abandon, presumably so a week or two from now they can get all mad about the PC Police saying you can't call people "Gypsies" any more. It'd be infuriating if it weren't so hilariously pathetic. Well, OK, it's still infuriating.