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Memo to Anthony Scaramucci: HOPE IT'S WORTH IT.

We interrupt our extensive coverage of things past to discuss the departure of Sean Spicer and the hiring of used hedge fund salesman and the guy Central Casting sent over to play the guy behind the guy who shakes down the bodega for protection money, Anthony Scaramucci.

First, to all the Republicans, centrists, and pundits trying to rebuild Spicer's reputation as a decent guy in an impossible situation, fuck off. Everyone in this shit meltdown of an administration knew what they were getting into. And Spicer was uniquely bad at both aspects of his job - lying convincingly, and making words come out of his mouth whole and intact. The only reason he'll be missed is as a symbol of the broad incompetence of this administration.

Scaramucci, on the other hand, is a different breed of monster. A classic Wall Street sociopath, he spent most of his first press conference shoving his nose so far up Trump's ass he must have been able to smell the fully intact double cheeseburger we all have to assume is wedged somewhere in Trump's colon. He knew exactly what Trump likes - obeisant to Trump and pleasantly confrontational with everyone else, and he delivered.

Within 24 hours, Scaramucci was deleting his Twitter history of views critical of Trump, critical of policies the Trump administration has adopted, saying we need to do something about global warming, etc. He did this after everyone had scoured his Twitter feed and saved the entire thing, demonstrating that he'll fit right into the Trump Administration's Keystone Kops With An Extra K style of government. And he told everyone he was doing so in the name of "full transparency", letting you know exactly what flavor of bullshit to expecgt from him going forward.

And then Scaramucci went on the Sunday shows, and tried, as far as I can tell, to walk back the established fact that Russia tried to help Hillary Clinton lose the election. It's a weird tactic, since for months, the official line has been to say Russia did it but Trump didn't have anything to do with it, but keep in mind Trump's never admitted it, and his spokesdrones have always had to talk around it. Well, Scaramucci is coming right out and saying that Trump doesn't think Russia did it, which is a bold and audacious confrontation of reality from a group of people noted for just that.

Scaramucci's got money coming out of all his orifices, so whatever he thinks he's going to get out of this deal, I hope it's worth it. Or, more accurately, I hope he doesn't get it and regrets this decision for the rest of his life, but I hope HE hopes it's worth it, because that'll make his fall from "grace" even more satisfying.