Books Really ARE His Kryptonite

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Memo to Trump and Bannon: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

OK, fine. Since apparently we, as a country, arent’t going to talk about anything else besides the President’s spazout over a critical book, let’s talk about the President’s spazout over a critical book and everything around it.

Many people think that the saddest part of this whole very sad spectacle is Donald Trump going on Twitter and reassuring everyone that he was a “very stable genius”. And don’t get me wrong. That is very sad. And well get into why in a bit. But the true saddest thing happened Sunday.

Steve Bannon, the bloated corpse responsible for much of today’s white supremacist “alt-right” movement in the wake of slightly less bloated but much more corpse Andrew Breitbart, was forced to grovel and issue abject apologies for the various mean things he said about Trump in “Fire and Fury”, the book at the center of this whole mess.

This is, quite frankly, the best possible outcome of a fight between Trump and Bannon. Bannon’s apology ensures he won’t be rehabilitated into polite society a la Jeff Flake, but he’s also damaged goods to the far right. Trump, meanwhile, has moved into an exciting new phase of his presidency, where the media has begun to argue about whether or not it’s appropriate to argue about whether Donald Trump is mentally unfit for office.

Which is a huge step for the media. They’ve been inching towards this pretty much since Trump got elected. I realize that the rest of us just had to listen to literally any two consecutive sentences uttered by Trump to reach the conclusion that he’s barely competent to greet customers at Wal-Mart, but for the media, and its nearly reflexive love of institutions, access, and The Way Things Are being The Way Things Should Be, it’s revelatory. Even Fox News now has to talk about how we shouldn’t be talking about it.

And speaking of Trump’s mental competence, that brings us back to Trump’s reaction to the discussion of Trump’s mental competence, which is, of course, mentally incompetent.

Trump’s argument is probably the closest to Republican orthodoxy as he’s every been in his entire life. It boils down to “How could I be stupid, I’m rich and successful!” It’s the fundamental white privilege argument that America is a meritocracy and therefore success is prima facie evidence for skill, hard work, and intelligence, while failure and poverty is evidence for inferiority, laziness, and stupidity. Trump just takes this concept to its natural extreme, the way he’s done with every other racist, sociopathic, bullshit Republican ideal he’s touched.

And, of course, like all great Trump scandals and such, this one will continue at least through this week, because all of these people are startlingly bad at even the most basic functions of their jobs, and have made this book they hate the most important and best-selling thing in the universe right now, regardless of its actual accuracy or quality, which nobody knows or even needs to care about at this point. Nice job, assholes.