Stop Giving Them Chances

« February 2021 »

Memo to anyone who thinks the GOP can be saved from itself: YOU ARE DUMB.

At the end of the day, Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t the problem. She’s -A- problem, but the real problem is the Republican party’s pathetic refusal to deal with the problem, their desperate attempt to make even this a partisan political issue, and the fact that it’s a culmination of a bunch of things that have been building for decades.

The GOP that treats Greene like this is the true GOP. Not the (mostly mythical) GOP people fondly remember from the 80s, not the (also mostly mythical) “compassionate conservatism” of the Dubya years. Just this writhing rat-king of non-stop fuckery.

Marjorie Taylor Greene shouldn’t be in Congress. By any measure, by any ideal, by any aspect of what constitutes even a minimally-competent legislative body, she shouldn’t be in Congress. She’s either delusional to a level that overflows into the criminal, or she’s pretending to be delusional to a level that’s definitely criminal.

Why is she still in Congress? Why are Republicans rewarding her with committee assignments, forcing Democrats to remove her from those assignments, and allowing her to continue to Greene it up all over the place? Because in recent years, a common Republican guiding principle has come to dominate so thoroughly that it’s the only principle Republicans have left:

If Something We Do Makes Liberals Mad, It’s Good, And Anyone Who Gets Mad At Anything We Do Is A Liberal.

Trump overthrowing the government made liberals mad, so it’s OK. Get mad at Trump overthrowing the government, like Liz Cheney? Liz Cheney must be a liberal and be punished for her apostasy to the GOP.

Believing that wildfires are caused by Jewish space lasers burning down the forests to claim the land for mass transit makes liberals mad too. Therefore if you want to be a Republican, it can’t make you mad, because getting mad at something that makes liberals mad turns you into a liberal. Even when that thing is an insane anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

This isn’t new in anything but scope. Trump’s not the only reason open racism has gotten more and more respectable in the GOP. Open racism makes liberals mad. If open racism makes you mad too, you must be a liberal. All this shit has been happening for a long time. It’s been allowed to fester and grow for so long that it’s killed off the rest of the ecosystem and is the only thing they have left.

And it works, mainly because they’ve spent 40 years building up an elaborate network to create an alternate reality where no fact can be definitively proven, and manipulating a complicit media in an endless game of false equivalency where any two things are automatically comparable and equal because they were done by people from opposing parties. One side says there are Jewish space lasers. The other side says there aren’t. And nobody can be right, because one time Obama said Republican voters cling to guns and that was mean.

Plus, let’s face it. Nothing MTG believes matters when it comes to Republican exercise of power. Ultimately, the competence or sanity of MTG is no more relevant than the that of Matt Gaetz or Kevin McCarthy or Lisa Murkowski. They’re warm bodies who, when the chips are down, will vote in the best interests of Republican power and vote against holding Republicans accountable for anything they say or do. I don’t give half a rancid shit if they say they condemn her, or say they disagree with her. Don’t tell me what you value, show me what you reward. And Republicans are rewarding Greene.

If Marjorie Taylor Greene walks, or if it’s entirely up to Democrats to punish her, we’re left with no act so depraved that it will earn punitive action from the Republican party. Well, OK. One action. Agreeing with a Democrat on anything. Other than that, anything goes, from helping try to murder your own party’s vice president to continuing to insist that school shootings are fake. Half of the two-party system is completely out of control, and pretending otherwise for the sake of “unity”, “bipartisanship”, or “impartial journalism” is completely fucking dangerous.