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If there's one knee-jerk reaction amongst knee-jerk liberals that drives me up the fucking wall, it's when they embrace someone like George Tenet. Someone who was on the inside for years, someone who fucked things up and enabled other people to fuck things up worse. And then they get out, and then they write a book and supposedly expose the truth and get their side of the story on the record.

And because their side of the story happens to fit nicely in with things we all happen to know to be true, we lap it up. We trumpet their criticisms of their former bosses, nod sagely to ourselves as another victim of the evil Bush administration sees the light, and let them off the hook. Fuck that noise. There's plenty of hook to go around, and Tenet has more than earned his time on it.

Hell, I don't give Colin Powell a fucking pass for standing up there and lying to the United Nations about anthrax and mobile weapons labs. And he at least seemed genuinely contrite. Not that I care all that much, but he did. Which puts him a notch above George Tenet, whose thesis seems to be that he got snookered by Douglas Feith. Oh, and that "slam dunk" thing was totally taken out of context. Really. He never thought the WMD case was solid. Only a moron would think that.

Yeah, well, only a moron would be outmaneuvered by Douglas Feith. Admitting that is like putting "fooled by the village idiot" proudly on your resume. But beyond that, every single "revelation" I've seen excerpted in news stories about Tenet's book isn't actually a revelation. It's shit we've all known for years. The Bush administration wanted to bomb Iraq right after 9/11? No shit. They didn't plan for the war? Really? Tell me more of your fascinating tales, Mr. Tenet.

All of this has been obvious to anybody paying attention, and anybody paying attention should also know that Tenet's an unrepentant, self-serving bastard who shouldn't be given the time of day on the street, much less our gratitude for finally coming forward. Here's Tenet on Larry King Live, answering a call for him to return the Presidential Medal of Freedom he got in that fucking farce of a ceremony where he stood next to Tommy Franks and Paul "Hey, let's disband the Iraqi army!" Bremer while Bush played Princess Leia. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

"No, I would never give thought to giving back the Medal of Freedom because it was -- it was an honor bestowed because of the work of the men and women of CIA in Afghanistan and our work against terrorism. And I believe that that work -- I accepted the award on their behalf and I will never give that medal back."

Those are the words of a man who ain't repudiatin' shit. He accepted on behalf of his subordinates? Really? Whose name is on that medal. Whose house is it being kept in? Please. Hiding behind your subordinates is so Alberto Gonzalez two weeks ago. Tenet doesn't want to give the medal back because it still gets his dick hard, end of. And speaking of which, here's another choice bit from the Captain Suspenders Fun-Time News Hour:

"I like the president. I respect the president. He -- I was responsible for what I, you know, the intelligence community. He's the commander-in-chief. He's never shied away from -- from responsibility. It's not my intention to hurt people. It's not my intention to point fingers at people. I'm trying to tell a story."

No, what you're trying to do is hand steaks to two rabid dogs while you back towards the door with a $4 million check from your publisher in your back pocket. And if you expect me to believe an incompetent ex-CIA guy when he says he doesn't want to hurt people, well, you've been hanging around a gullible idiot for way too long.