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Memo to some Tennessee racist, Maureen Dowd, and Todd Courser: YOU ARE DUMB.

Today's IDIOTS SAY THE DAMNDEST THINGS isn't particularly thematic. Nor is it particularly unique. It features a racist, a clueless white guy, a clueless pundit, and a philandering psychotic Christian. But it is special in one way. For the first time, the medium is part of the message. IDIOTS SAY AND OCCASIONALLY PAINT THE DAMNDEST THINGS!

"White lives matter." - Either Martin O'Malley last month, or the tombstone of Alex Haley's grandmother this month.

I almost got around to covering Democratic alleged presidential candidate Martin O'Malley following up "black lives matter" with "white lives matter" and "all lives matter" at a campaign event last month, but the fact that some dumb racist decided to paint it on Alex Haley's grandmother's tombstone says more about why you shouldn't say it than any rant I could craft about clueless white people and their views of "equality" ever could.

And while we're discussing racism, let's talk about targeting. I mean, Alex Haley's grandmother's tombstone? That's oddly esoteric. It's specific without being really relevant. "One of her children had a child that eventually wrote a book about how slavery is bad that got turned into a TV show that launched the career of LeVar Burton! GET HER! I mean, even by the standards of Tennessee racists, that's fucked up.

"You can never get into someone's head and know for sure. It's just my impression from covering his various forays into politics." - Maureen Dowd, explaining why she believe's Trump's explanation for why he said Megyn Kelly had blood coming out of her wherever.

If you had a vague sense that political journalism and punditry was complete bullshit, but weren't sure why, allow me to explain, using Maureen Dowd as an example. You see, Donald Trump was accused of being sexist towards Megyn Kelly by referring to her menstrual cycle as the reason she was mean to him during the debate. Through some vague sixth sense she's developed by "covering", which means hanging out at parties with, politicians for decades, Maureen Dowd felt that Donald Trump was being unfairly maligned.

So, ignoring Trump's long history of being a horrible sexist douchewaffle, and ignoring Donald Trump's own lifelong disregard for the concept of fairness, Dowd spent an entire column in the New York Times defending Trump to set the record straight, because that's really, really important to her. And that's why political journalism is bullshit.

"I am now the poster boy for those who would say 'God is dead,' or 'Christians are failures,' or 'Christians are hypocrites.' Instantly I have been shown to be a hypocrite in my life, a liar, a laughable joke; much if not all of that is presently justified. But in spite of all of that I am a Christian and I am a follower of Christ, and my failures in no way reduce or negate God’s promises." - Michigan Tea Party lawmaker Todd Courser, missing the point.

Even if I'd covered Todd Courser before now, I wouldn't have used his affair with a fellow lawmaker as proof that there is no God and that Christianity is a lie. Nor would I have used his failed attempt to create a fake scandal about him having a GAY sex affair so that when the real heterosexual affair came out, it would seem mild by comparison, as evidence that God is dead and that Christianity is a lie. That would be logically fallacious and I try not to do that.

Now, if you'd suggested that those of us who would say "God is dead" or "Christians are failures" would make you the poster boy for not letting insane Christians into positions of power where they can try and enshrine their bugfuck beliefs into laws the rest of us normal people have to follow, because so many of them completely fail to live up to their moralistic rhetoric in even the slightest way, then you might have had a point. You'd have had MY point, and it would have made you look awful, but at least it would have been a point.

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