Trump's Not The Only Scorpion Here

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Remember, after the 2012 election, when the Republican Party took a long, hard look at why they lost the election, decided it was because they were too mean to women and brown people, and even though it was the damn liberals' fault women and brown people were voting in the first place, vowed to be nicer to them if they wanted to win future elections?

Well, the scorpion has spent the last few days stinging the ever-loving shit out of the frog, and the media are blaming it on Republicans following Donald Trump's lead on immigration and the formerly fringe fight against the 14th Amendment's promise that if you're born in America, you're an American. But unlike a great many things in this campaign, this one isn't really Trump's fault.

This is a Republican primary with 17 candidates. Ultimately, every single Republican primary is about who can find the most severe, but still publicly palatable, ways to shit all over the non-rich, non-white, non-straight, and non-men. That's because Republican governance and policy has not so subtly evolved over the past 50 years into finding new ways to shit all over the non-rich, non-white, non-straight and non-men.

And that's because Republican voters get hard and/or wet from the shitting on of those groups. Even members of one of those groups can get off on it as long as there are three other groups they're not part of getting shit on. That's why you almost never see poor black Republicans or lesbian Republicans.*

The birthright citizenship is just the latest expression of that particular instinct. Oh, it's a brazen one, but if you listen close, you can hear what their play is. It's the usual refrain of "we can do anything we want to them because they're criminals". We can take away these children's citizenship because they're exploiting the Constitution for their own gain with their ANCHOR BABIES!

You will also see the "we can do anything we want to criminals" attitude in the response to police shootings, and in the response to both the Aurora shooter and everyone in Connecticut not getting the death penalty. It's a powerful argument that resonates with assholes, who, as we've already demonstrated, are the only audience anyone cares about in a Republican primary.

Trump said it first in this campaign, sure. But Kasich was on board years ago in his pandering-to-Teabagger days (now, he's allegedly a moderate, because what history and what record?). And you know Ted Cruz would have gotten there eventually if Trump weren't in the race so that people would pay attention to Ted Cruz. Appealing to the worst in human nature isn't a bug in this year's special Republican primary. It's a feature in all of them. So if your area of expertise is in campaign post-mortems, your employment prospects are pretty good.

*The exception, of course, is poor white straight women, because in Republican-land, there's always someone else poor white people of both genders can pretend are the "takers" their beloved candidates are talking about. Because racism!

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