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Memo to Gene Alday, Jason Rapert, and Thomas Corbin: I'M GONNA OUTLAST YOU, PIGFUCKER.

Ah, state legislators. Given the frequency with which they say shit that is insane, idiotic, bigoted, or, most commonly, all three, it's a wonder states function at all. It's been a banner week for state legislators, so that makes it a banner week for IDIOTS SAY THE DAMNDEST THINGS.

"I'm not a bad person, and that [story] makes me look like an evil person. I didn't do anything wrong. The guy made me look like a fool." - Mississippi's Gene Alday, who is a bad, evil person and a fool.

I find it interesting that Gene Alday's definition of "bad" or "evil" doesn't include someone who claims that black people don't work because they get "crazy welfare checks", and that he's had to wait a lot of time in hospitals because black people are taking up all the doctors getting their gunshot wounds treated. I mean, I could say that those things also meet my definition of "person from Mississippi", but in this instance, I'll take the high road and not generalize.

On the other hand, if we're going to talk "crazy welfare checks", what, pray tell, would you call what Mississippi state legislators get paid? Because if that isn't welfare for out-of-touch white people with no marketable skills or a willingness to do any real work, I don't know what is.

"Please do some research and you will find that we have battlefield capable small nuclear weapons that would be perfect for the areas where ISIS has run everyone else out and use as their strongholds." - Arkansas' Jason Rapert, defending his call to nuke ISIS.

Rapert has been claiming that anyone who thinks his plan to ever-so-slightly nuke chunks of Iraq and Syria and I guess now Libya, is a terrorist-loving liberal weenie. Ahem.

Of course, much like the concept of a "small, tactical nuclear weapon", the concept of "areas where ISIS has run everyone else off" is totally fictional. ISIS isn't COBRA, for fuck's sake. They don't have a big terrorist headquarters they all hang out in after they take a place over. They don't kick regular people out. Also fallout and poison and collateral damage and hey, the last time we indiscriminately bombed these countries we created a vacuum tthat caused ISIS to thrive, so go fuck yourself, says this terrorist-loving liberal weenie.

"Well, you know God created man first. Then he took the rib out of man to make woman. And you know, a rib is a lesser cut of meat." - South Carolina's Thomas Corbin, describing the only woman in the South Carolina Senate.

Look at that. It's folksy, it's based loosely in Biblical mythology, and it's mind-bogglingly patronizing and sexist. Yep, par for the course. I bet you're wondering, now that a blogger has brought Corbin's comments to light, what Corbin's defense will be?

Turns out it's "just joshin'", shock and horror. Nothing better to deflect from charges of rampant sexism than wondering publicly why you ladies can't take a joke. Can't take a joke from a member of an incredibly segregated organization. A joke about how women are ordained by God to be inferior to men. Can't imagine why anyone would object to that.

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