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You Knew There'd Be Some

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Memo to Frat-Boy Defenders: YOU ARE DUMB.

I am old and slow and pushing 50 as of now, so fuck it. An Oklahoma frat gets suspended for singing a racist, segregationist chant on a bus, and I know exactly where to find people defending that action. The comments on USA Today, one of the last consistent sources for borderline coherent yet deeply abhorrent commentary on the Internet. So let's see how things are going down.

"Liberals hate white people. Black people hate white people. So a few racist students getting suspended,while the college professors preach Black Supremacy, doesn't surprise me. I remember my professor trying to convince us that only white people are capable of racism. And then I see all the comments on here saying the same thing. If they want to close that fraternity then they should fire all their Black Supremacist professors for preaching hate everyday." - Corey Kagal, who is a horrible person despite everything his exercises have done for humanity.

I see this charge a lot, that liberals don't think black people can be racist. That's an oversimplification. We see black racism the way wingnuts see black lives - it doesn't matter. Racism without the power to oppress backing it up is a nuisance. That's why "cracker" will never be as offensive or hurtful as its counterpart,

"Rick Baker There IS an argument to be made. It is that even IF they (the chapter) are racist, for the university to be "truly" inclusive, then they should be tolerated on campus. If not, then the tolerant university is then hypocritical, and has thusly proven themselves to be intolerant. Of course, the majority will rule and punishments handed down, but the point has been shown. 'Do as we do, not as we say.'"

We've discussed in the past how intolerant racist assholes get confused about the words "tolerance", "diversity", and "inclusiveness" and how they don't actually mean we should tolerate racism, include assholes, and encourage the diversity of ideas that are fucking awful. But keep being upset about the seeming hypocrisy, because it makes you easier to spot in a crowd.

"It's hard to support blacks when they don't understand what taking the high ground is... these are students after all, they need to learn, break the cycle, come out better...ON BOTH SIDES. - Dan Krohn, complaining that a punishment that hasn't happened yet and may not at all is too harsh.

First, "on both sides"? Are you suggesting there's some common ground between not being racist and being racist that we can meet in the middle on? Second, I'm all for teachable moments, but it's 2015. If you hit college age and haven't already learned that it's bad form to sing a song about how you'll never have any "niggers" in your frat and instead you would rather "hang them from a tree", well, let's just say I question their ability to learn and grow from this experience, no matter how high a moral ground black people like the white university president and white fraternity president take.

"Racism will continue as long as people keep making such a big effing deal about it." - Tommy Walters, white guy.

Well, there you go. I'm sure all these lynch-happy frat boys would stop being racist if they could just go about their lives without any consequences for their behavior. I mean, after all, we have centuries of scientific evidence showing that behavior change just happens naturally, without any kind of outside force acting on it. That's why today, there are no more assholes.

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