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Nerds Aren't Good at Supremacy

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Memo to shitty white/male nerds: OH, FOR FUCK'S SAKE.

No two ways about it - it's an embarrassing time to be a straight white male in America. I can ally until I'm sheedy, but at the end of the day, I'm still part of part of the problem. Which I'm not saying to induce sympathy, but rather to point out that, as weeks go, it's been even more embarrassing to be a white male nerd.

The biggest pontifigurd, of course, has been the utter bitch session about the Alamo Drafthouse scheduling and hosting Wonder Woman screenings for just women. This is a move that makes sense on literally every level. First female hero to have a solo superhero movie. Second woman to ever direct any superhero movie, and arguably the first in the modern superhero movie era, because while Punisher: War Zone came out six months after Iron Man, I had to look that up, because it sure as hell didn't feel like it. Iron Man changed the game while War Zone was already in the can.

I could go into the whining of the fedoras-and-negging set if I wanted to, or needed to, but I don't. Because culturally-dominant assholes have reacted to every single slight, real and perceived, against their culturally-dominant position the same way since the dawn of time. Suddenly giving a shit about "equality".

Fuck your hurt feelings. Fuck your whining. And fuck all the well-meaning, false-equivalency-wielding saps whose ideal view of equality on a case by case basis ignores the constant, crushing inequality that still encompasses every aspect of American society. For fuck's sake. You can still see Wonder Woman. You can still see Wonder Woman at an Alamo Drafthouse. But in a few cities, for a couple of days, you can't see Wonder Woman at an Alamo Drafthouse at a couple of specific times.

This has gotten more cultural attention than the Trump Administration's decision to let pretty much every employer in America stop offering contraceptive coverage to their (female) employees for any reason. Which is my fucking point. Call me if you're ever actually oppressed to any significant degree and I'll contemplate considering giving a fuck.

In other news, the Star Trek: Discovery trailer dropped, and shockingly, it's rocking a total of... one white human man. OH NOES. The trailer was on the Internet, and the Internet is full of racists, so they accused the series of promoting white genocide, which is apparently the least efficient kind of genocide because it left at least one white dude alive and then ten years later filled a starship with white dudes and put a sexist or slightly more modern sexist (timeline-dependent) dude in charge of it. And then more white dudes 95 years later.

Once again, my fondest wish would be to see these whining asshats actually live in the real version of the persecution fantasy they've cooked up, just so they can "realize how wrong they were", which means suffer for a while in ignorance having learned nothing because they are fuckheads. I'm not saying I welcome an actual white genocide, I'm just saying that, were it to happen, I like to think I'd nod knowingly at it, understanding why it's here.

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